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August 14th, 2012:

And the beat goes on…

Following up on yesterday’s post…

The SNC Lavalin choice for their new CEO ignites Quebec language debate….

The board of Quebec corporate titan SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. interviewed – and passed over – at least two francophone contenders for the company’s top job before deciding to hire American Robert Card as its chief executive officer, The Globe and Mail has learned.

The naming of Mr. Card, who does not speak French, to lead one of Quebec’s most successful companies has become an issue in the provincial election campaign. PQ leader Pauline Marois, pushing to toughen Quebec’s controversial French language laws, seized on the appointment Monday, saying during a campaign stop in Montreal: “I am asking SNC-Lavalin that it make sure that he follow courses in French so that he could at least become bilingual.”

Seriously, who do you want to be in charge of a multi-gazillion dollar company? Someone who has beaucoup d’experience but doesn’t speak la langue? Or someone who is fluent but may not have the qualifications of the first guy (or gal)? And for Marois to basically demand that the new boss take language training??? This guy will be paid millions in salary and bonuses and LANGAUGE TRAINING would be the best use of his time???

This reminds me of the Habs’ big coaching controversy last year.

Don’t the language zealots have anything better to do? Maybe they should set out to translate 50 Shades of Grey into Québecois… that’ll distract them for a spell!