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FIFA sucks… and so does the IOC…

This is such utter bullshit.

Either the fix was in or that ref was just so completely incompetent that it defies imagination. And I know more than a little bit about the game.

Tell ya what. If the players or the coach are fined for those justified remarks, I – and I’m sure millions of other Canucks – will be willing to cover those fines by throwing some coinage into the pot.

Just tell me where to send the cheque.

The beautiful game just ain’t so beautiful today.


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  1. Jon Habart says:

    FIFA should be ashamed of themselves. It’s obvious the calls were incorrect and cost the Canadian team the game and a chance at a gold medal. Now they are trying to suppress negative comments by “investigating” the Canadian side. A better direction for their investigation would be into the American side and their relationship with the “FIFA” official who at the very last minute of the game did whatever she could to hand the Americans the game.

  2. The olympics stopped being about sport and became all commercial + political decades ago. I pity the athletes who go there thinking they’ll be getting a fair shake.

    Sure, they’ve only CAUGHT-IN-A-PUBLIC-WAY officiating corruption in figure skating, gymnastics, boxing and site selection, but I don’t believe – not even for a second – that the whole of the Olympics are in any way above-board. The Olympic extravaganza is a decayed tooth that needs extraction.

    That’s a large part of why I don’t watch it, and why I barely follow it. I find that the non-olympic competitions are of superior quality and substantially less influenced by outside, non-sport-related concerns.

    And I’m not even talking about the organized cheating by athletes… That’s a whole other discussion.

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