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Rona and Lowes

I’m more than a little worried about Rona being taken over by the American retail giant, Lowes. I deliberately shop at Rona for my building and repair supplies- after my local Home Hardware default shop – Because. It. Is. Canadian.

Laugh all you want. Tell me that I’m a dinosaur economic nationalist. Say that in the global economy that there is no room for being sentimental about Canadian born and bred companies. I don’t care. I only shop at places like Home Depot after having exhausted all other options… doesn’t happen too often.

Go ahead. Mock me. But I stand by my decisions to avoid non-Canuck shops where I can (especially Walmart – ew) and spend my $’s on homegrown businesses. I think it’s important.

Those who know me will tell you that I’m not a flag in your face nationalist, but with the loss of Eatons, the American takeover of the HBC and now the complete loss of Zellers, I fear that a little spending in the favour of the red and white might be a good idea right now. What is next Canadian Tire?

Else soon, short of the banks, there won’t be a Canadian store to be found anywhere in this country.

Rona – proudly Canadian.



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