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August 6th, 2012:

Way to go, Canada! U rock!

You won that match. Hold your heads high. Your country is damned proud.

A comment on the site says it all:

Great effort ladies. The only thing missing from that game was a trained referee.

Yup. I coulda done better.

Might have exploded my heart trying to keep up with your pace, but, meh.

And Ms. Sinclair, you are a class act. You and your team must lead the Canadian team into the closing ceremonies.



In spite of the massive global distraction happening right now (aka, the Olympics), it should be noted that today, August 6, marks a day of darkness that occurred 67 years ago when up to 140,000 people died in the Hiroshima bombing.

We have come a long way since the days of the Cold War, but the continued presence of nuclear weapons and the potential nuclear capabilities of states like North Korea and Iran (and the increasing isolationism and jingoism of Putin’s Russia) has ensured that the nuclear threat hangs above us still.


Rona and Lowes

I’m more than a little worried about Rona being taken over by the American retail giant, Lowes. I deliberately shop at Rona for my building and repair supplies- after my local Home Hardware default shop – Because. It. Is. Canadian.

Laugh all you want. Tell me that I’m a dinosaur economic nationalist. Say that in the global economy that there is no room for being sentimental about Canadian born and bred companies. I don’t care. I only shop at places like Home Depot after having exhausted all other options… doesn’t happen too often.

Go ahead. Mock me. But I stand by my decisions to avoid non-Canuck shops where I can (especially Walmart – ew) and spend my $’s on homegrown businesses. I think it’s important.

Those who know me will tell you that I’m not a flag in your face nationalist, but with the loss of Eatons, the American takeover of the HBC and now the complete loss of Zellers, I fear that a little spending in the favour of the red and white might be a good idea right now. What is next Canadian Tire?

Else soon, short of the banks, there won’t be a Canadian store to be found anywhere in this country.

Rona – proudly Canadian.