Even lawyers…

…80 of them, in fact, are sure that CPC attack dawg, Jason Kenney, lied about his involvement in the “repatriation” of Conrad Black!

Watch out J-boy! When 4 score of lawyers are pissed, you had better take cover under your boss’s desk!


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One Comment to “Even lawyers…”

  1. Personally, I think Chretien and the Libs were being Class-A douche-nozzles when they tried to block his getting a title, forcing him to renounce his citizenship.

    However… in my estimation, a card laid is a card played. Black quit Canada. Therefore, he’s not Canadian. And since he’s also a convicted criminal, it would seem to me that he shouldn’t be allowed in this country.

    Send him to Australia… that’s where the UK sends its criminals isn’t it?

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