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Les règles…

…n’appliquent pas à moi.

More of the same from Harperland.

The Prime Minister’s Office is defending a Conservative MP who raised thousands of dollars at a private fundraiser that had deep connections to a company registered to lobby the federal government.

This stand is despite the fact that PMO’s own rules warn against even the “appearance” of conflict of interest and that the MP only decided to return some of the money after it was about to become public.

The Globe and Mail reported Wednesday that Conservative MP Paul Calandra, who is the parliamentary secretary to Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, attended an event that raised about $22,000 in the basement of a suburban home in his riding on April 10.

So what else is new?



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  1. You’re right, of course, but I’ll be looking for your same zeal at pointing out these faults when the Libs form the government in a few years.

    Historically, there’s nobody who has been better at underhanded corruption and graft than the Liberals. At least with the Conservatives it’s open and in your face.

    1. trashee says:

      In a few years??? That is a LOT more optimistic than my estimate!
      And yes, if I am still alive when the Grits form the next gov., I will be equally zealous.

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