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July 23rd, 2012:

Missing Ottawa girl

See story and description here



As the likes of Jason Kenney and Rob Ford…

… are wont to kick foreign gangsters out of Canada, I thought it would fun to see who they might be talking about (and this bus ride from work is taking FOREVER so I need something to do!).


Name Birthplace Crime
Peter Kent Sussex, UK Dismantling Canada’s environmental laws
Vic Toews Paraguay Invasion of privacy
Tony Clement Manchester, UK Construction of unneeded gazebos and wasting tax dollars
Julian Fantino Vendoglio, Italy Bungling a multi-billion dollar jet purchase. And being so damned ugly!
Diane Ablonczy Peoria, Illinois, U.S. None. Yet.
Steven Fletcher Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Same as above. Just give him time. He’s gangsta fer sur.
Alice Wong Hong Kong Linked to anti-gay fundamentalist organisation
Bal Gosal Ratainda, India He won his riding by under 600 votes – so is on a tight leash




Yeah. Gotta love the purple.


This is logic – and THIS is…

…the logic of religion!




Most of North America has seen a remarkable paucity of precipitation this summer. While this has been heaven for sun bathers, it has been a disaster for crops across the continent. Expect food prices to sky rocket this fall!

Another effect of dry weather are increased numbers and the intensity of forest fires. I found this awesome map of the USA that grimly and dramatically illustrates the extent of the fires between 2001 and 2010.

Extreme weather, llike the present drought, is a direct consequence of climate change. And the extremes will become more frequent and more “extreme” over the coming decades.

I don’t think our species is ready for this.

Of course, if you believe this continent’s conservative politicians, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; the notion that the climate is changing as a result of human activity is just a liberal conspiracy, right?