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Friday miscellany…

… summer doldrums edition…


I hate guns. I really do. And I did long before all of this tragic shit that has gone down in Scarborough and now in Colorado. Don’t give me that crap about gun ownership being a right or not having to worry about lawful owners of guns. I don’t want to hear it.

The fact is that there would be a whole lot of people alive today who are not – because of guns.

The devil is what do we do about it? I don’t have an answer.

But I do know that there are many parents, wifes, husbands, sons and daughters who wish that someone who come up with an answer. And soon.


I received an email today that I will be getting a certificate and a lapel pin (what a WASTE of tax payers’ money eh? How extravagant!) in recognition of my 15 years in the Canadian PS!

A lapel pin!!!!

And between now and when I actually receive the pin and paper, I will have to come up with a creative thing to do with a certificate signed by Stephen Harper…ideas?


It is REALLY dry here in this part of the world. Really dry!

Food prices will undoubtedly be a little higher later on… glad my garden is thriving!


The abdication by Russia and China of their responsibility to punish Syria’s leadership for the mass murder of its own citizens? Well, that is just plain dumb.

There has to come a time very soon when the Russians and Chinese have to cut bait and realise they backed the wrong side? No?

I’m worried about all of the recent conflicts and uprisings in the region and the way the support is shifting. Everything is very unstable and fluid. And can’t help but think that this is all going to lead to something very, very bad…

Possibly ending in Iran.


I’m a Blue Jays fan and have  been shaking my head over the number of injuries that have damaged what was shaping up to be a very successful season. But they are still in the  chase for a wild card spot so I am happy to see that they have traded for some pitching staff! I hope this stems the tide of losses that they have been piling up lately!


I like it!

I do have mixed feelings about the Olympics… which I might explore next week as they get underway in the UK… but this shiney new coin is pretty awesome!


Last, thanks again to all of the folks to put on a great reunion party back in my old home town last weekend! Your efforts were appreciated.


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  1. The fact is that there would be a whole lot of people alive today who are not – because of guns.

    Dry that out and fertilize Saskatchewan please.

    Guns are not the problem. People are. Do you seriously believe that, denied firearms, assholes in some gang, or crazy people wouldn’t kill others in horrible ways?

    here’s a hint and a half: most of the worlds terrorists don’t use guns that much.

    I know you aren’t so stupid as to actually believe that if, 14 days ago, you had waves a magic wand and removed all firearms from the planet that there wouldn’t be dead and injured people in Toronto, and dead people in Colorado right now.

    Let’s not forget the Atlanta Olympics, and countless suicide bombers who managed to make do with some explosives (homemade or otherwise) and handsful of nails and ball bearings. Those things are more-or-less illegal too, and it didn’t stop them. A bit of homemade sarin gas was good enough for the Tokyo subway, and Tim McVeigh made do with a homemade truck bomb to kill 10x as many people as anything that’s happened in the last week.

    You can’t legislate crazy.

    The devil is what do we do about it? I don’t have an answer.

    Start dealing with the roots of crime? Punishment for crimes where people are injured? Honestly, I don’t know where to start either, but you can bet that hassling legal gun owners is absolutely NOT going to solve any problems.

    The guns they used in Toronto were already illegal.

    You anti-gun crazies who think the tool is to blame really piss me off. You want to save lives? Ban automobiles. Legally owned automobiles kill more people in North America than all firearms crime with all guns, legal or otherwise. Hell, forget all automobiles… more people die on motorcycles and bicycles than die by firearms. Obviously, legal ownership of these things is highly dangerous to the public.

    In Canada, knives kill more people than guns. Knives are legal. Better ban them too. From now on, you only get to use a nerf bat in your kitchen.

    How about we spend time, effort, and money dealing with eliminating crime rather than wasting time, effort, and money making more people into criminals.

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