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And so it begins…

Thanks, Rob.

OTTAWA — An outspoken Alberta Conservative MP is condemning his own government’s decision to spend $2.5 million on a new visitor centre honouring Canadian doctor and communist supporter Norman Bethune.

Calgary Tory MP Rob Anders said Thursday the Harper government should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund a facility dedicated to someone who supported a Mao Zedong communist regime in China that killed millions of people.

So all of those whose views ran counter to those of the ReformCons should be condemned?

Love it.

How about these guys, Rob? They’re thew good guys, right??



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  1. Consider that they won’t name the Archives building after Charlotte Whitton because she didn’t have modern ideas about Jews 70 years ago despite being Canada’s first female mayor.

    Based on how CW is dealt with, it seems to me that directly supporting one of the greatest mass-murderers in history as Bethune did is justification for not receiving a memorial. And Bethune did support Mao directly.

    Rob Anders, crazy though he is, may be correct in this matter.

  2. Alison S says:

    The ever-so ignorant Robbie should be forced to read Edgar Snow’s Red Star over China and Han Suyin’s autobiographical work to see what life was like in China before the revolution. There is nothing like having to step over dead bodies on your way to work. The poverty and misery was astounding. This is not to excuse the excesses of the communist regime, but does give a historical persepective.

    1. Yes, Mao made great improvements, if you ignore the 50 to 75 million people he killed in the Great Leap Forward.

      History is unequivocal: Mao made Hitler look like a Boy Scout.

      Bethune was a “feet on the ground” kind of helper for Mao.

      We don’t recognize Mengele and his helpers for their advancements in medical science because they were part of a horrible genocide. By the same rules, we shouldn’t recognize Bethune, who helped a mass murderer that put the Holocaust to shame.

  3. Joe Hueglin says:

    Well he or won’t he? Be disciplined for attacking Leadership directions? Been protected ’til now. Will this cease?

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