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July, 2012:

Great article about the demise…

… of Katimavik, by my old friend and fellow PSHS alumnus, Michael Johansen.


Back to P Dot today!


Maybe I’ll be inspired to write an old fashioned rant or two about Big Tony!

Hell! Maybe I’ll drop in to see how his gazebo is holding up!

But mostly, it will be fishing and family time for this wanna-be pundit… a time to chill…




That’s better.

See what happens when you bitch a little bit?


This forecast had better change…


…by the time we arrive in P Dot next Tuesday.

That is all.


Les règles…

…n’appliquent pas à moi.

More of the same from Harperland.

The Prime Minister’s Office is defending a Conservative MP who raised thousands of dollars at a private fundraiser that had deep connections to a company registered to lobby the federal government.

This stand is despite the fact that PMO’s own rules warn against even the “appearance” of conflict of interest and that the MP only decided to return some of the money after it was about to become public.

The Globe and Mail reported Wednesday that Conservative MP Paul Calandra, who is the parliamentary secretary to Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, attended an event that raised about $22,000 in the basement of a suburban home in his riding on April 10.

So what else is new?



Website maintenance

I’ve been told that there will be some work on the server that hosts this blog so don’t be surprised if you try to come back later and get nuthin’. Hopefully the work will be completed today.


The invitation must have been lost in the mail

The North Korean Dear Leader got hitched!
I wonder if they had to get married?


So the Ontario provincial government…

… is threatening to take away the power of locally-elected school boards if they do not come to the same contract agreements as did the province with the Catholic Board?

In a memo obtained by The Globe and Mail, assistant deputy minister of education Gabriel Sékaly directs the boards to reach a deal with the unions before the start of the 2012-2013 school year and requires them to work within a contract framework established by the Ministry of Education and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association.



The memo suggests that school boards could be facing a provincial takeover if they do not sign teacher contracts within the next six weeks, consequences a government spokesman would neither confirm nor deny.

Tell ya what, Mr. Premier, how about you start moving toward the abolition of separate school funding before you remove local control over local education. OK?


Satellites show melting over much of Greenland

More weird climatic stuff going on… though I have two questions:

  1. Did they really have satellites in 1889?
  2. How can something that happened before be “unprecedented”?

Interesting topic – but poorly written.

Three satellites showed that on July 8, about 40 per cent of the ice sheet had undergone thawing at or near the surface and by July 12 an estimated 97 per cent of the ice sheet had begun melting.

Nearly all of Greenland’s massive ice sheet suddenly started melting a bit this month, a freak event that surprised scientists.

Even Greenland’s coldest and highest place, Summit station, showed melting. Ice core records show that last happened in 1889 and occurs about once every 150 years.

Three satellites show what NASA calls unprecedented melting of the ice sheet that blankets the island, starting on July 8 and lasting four days. Most of the thick ice remains. While some ice usually melts during the summer, what was unusual was that the melting happened in a flash and over a widespread area.




Beer in Ontario corner stores???? Say it ain’t so!!!!

This will, without doubt, lead to mass orgies in the streets of staid Ontario towns!

Cats will mate with dogs!

Good Samaritans will turn into vindictive layabouts!




This ain’t gonna happen. The idea is way too 20th 21st century for Ontar-i-ar-i-ar-i-o.

But at least we’re more civilised than, say, Saudi Arabia. Or maybe Nova Scotia.