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OC Transpo… stay classy

This incident where an OC Transpo driver refused to stop and let off a mom who was accidentally separated from her child is almost too appalling to be true.

But considering the number of witnesses and the fact that the police are involved, I suspect it may be.

I can see where a parent could easily get separated from a child on a crowded bus. Routes like the 94, 95, 97. etc are often packed like sardines thus making it difficult to get to an exit upon arrival at one’s stop. Unless you are carrying your child, he or she may not make it to the door in time. I’ve seen this “almost” happen quite a few times in my 15 years of riding the big red limos.

Add this to the tendency of many an operator to get away from the stop as quickly as possible with little regard for those customers who are struggling to get to a door, and a scenario like this is almost expected.

Operators need to understand that it is the service to the public that is paramount and not their eagerness to get to their next lay-up!


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  1. [Devil’s Advocate]

    Sure, as long as the public is going to STFU about OCTranspo not being on time.

    It’s a fact that one of the primary complaints about OCTranspo, voiced even in this blog, is that the bus isn’t on time. One of the things that guarantees your bus will be late is dawdling at stops waiting for stragglers, chronically slow people, etc. Yes, even parents who can’t keep track of their kids.

    So which is it: A bus that runs on time, or a bus that highly accommodating? You can’t have both.
    [/Devil’s Advocate]

    In this case, it does seem like a pretty major dick move, regardless of who is responsible for the kid escaping. Although IIRC, the escaped kid was 6, and frankly, I walked to school at age 6, so my expectation is that a modern 6 year old is not completely helpless.

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