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June 25th, 2012:

Yup, 35 a short time ago

… and now this.

Whatta country!



Well, duh…

…of course teens are going to wander off to the nearest fast food joint instead of paying for a cheese-less, whole grain slice of za!

That’s what I woulda done.

I’m not arguing against the healthy food policy that came into effect this year at Ontario schools. Not at all. But I am hoping that, as this article indicates, schools were prepared for the decline in revenue and students won’t be negatively impacted.

One thing that does worry me a bit is that with the new and more restrictive fundraising directives that will be put into place next year, it may not be permitted to offset declines in revenues with Parent Council fundraising activities.



I don’t get it…

… because I clearly recall the Cons lambasting the Grits and Dippers, not so long ago, for being in bed with the separatists.

Ahhhh… but not the BQ type of separatist, but the PQ species. They’re different, you know.

Or could it be that the Harperites are desperate to build some bridges in Qu├ębec and it matters not with whom they do the horizontal bop.

As usual CPC = hypocrisy and cynicism in action!