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Will Ottawa’s hatred of all things from Toronto…

… keep this bar from being a roaring success?

I’m not sure. But if past experience is any indication whatsoever, MLSE will have a tough sell on their hands to overcome the almost pathological anti-Toronto-ness here in the nation’s capital.

Looks like a pretty cool place to grab a pint and watch a game, though!

By the numbers:

Capacity: 476

Big screen TV: 25 feet diagonal

High-def TVs: 99

Beer taps: 78

Beverage options: 187

Part-time staff: 150

Patio seating: 80 to 120

Terrace seating: 30

Hey! That’s two posts in a row on a beer theme! Must be the hot temps.


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  1. I wouldn’t say there’s anti-torontoism. There’s anti-blow-sunshine-up-the-arse-of-torontoism, and anti-toronto-is-better-than-everywhere-elseism.

    The CBC is all about The great city of Toronto in the province of Toronto in the nation of Toronto. There’s one hockey team with them, Toronto. All that matters in the province of Toronto is what happens at Queen’s park. Indeed, all that happens in the nation of Toronto is Queen’s park. Everyone else? Fuck ’em.

    I’ve lived in the Golden Horseshoe, and I thought it sucked, in large part because everything was all about fucking Toronto, day in, day out, as if Jesus shit cures for cancer there every day. It was like a weight lifting off my shoulders when I went out west and didn’t have to listen to how awesome Toronto was.

    Someone, somewhere wants the world to equate Canada with Toronto. It gets old really fast.

    And the worst of it all… Toronto is, in fact, quite mediocre. Montreal, Vancouver, and Quebec are are more fun, interesting places to be in my opinion. Sure, Toronto’s OK, but it’s just OK.

    I think people just get sick of being told how awesome Toronto is, when everyone knows it’s nothing special.

  2. Allan Wood says:

    Anti-Toronto-ness is just not confined to Ottawa. Practically every rural area shit on by McGuinty and his south of the 401 mentality pretty much thinks an asteroid hitting Toronto is a good thing.

    1. trashee says:

      From my years living in Parry Sound, I do remember the anti-Torontoism. But it didn’t seem to matter what government was in control at Queen’s Park… the despising was pretty equitable!

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