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June 20th, 2012:

Presto! Like magic, it’s gone!!!

Well, sort of.

I don’t want to rag on this – plenty of naysayers will do that in fulsome manners, I reckon. But I really do have to wonder why there was an elaborate pre-rollout without first knowing that the systems did indeed work. Bizarre.

At least there is a bit of a silver lining for we EcoPass holders:

Deans planned to introduce a motion at transit commission on June 20 asking OC Transpo to reinstate the EcoPass program for one year. The discounted payroll reduction transit passes were cancelled, along with student passes for college students over age 19, to align Ottawa’s transit fares with the categories Metrolinx uses in Toronto, because users will be able to use the cards wherever Presto is in use.



But hasn’t Tim Hudak been using them for years…

… and at the same rate of success?


Will Ottawa’s hatred of all things from Toronto…

… keep this bar from being a roaring success?

I’m not sure. But if past experience is any indication whatsoever, MLSE will have a tough sell on their hands to overcome the almost pathological anti-Toronto-ness here in the nation’s capital.

Looks like a pretty cool place to grab a pint and watch a game, though!

By the numbers:

Capacity: 476

Big screen TV: 25 feet diagonal

High-def TVs: 99

Beer taps: 78

Beverage options: 187

Part-time staff: 150

Patio seating: 80 to 120

Terrace seating: 30

Hey! That’s two posts in a row on a beer theme! Must be the hot temps.



My City Councillor is pretty cool…