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Stay classy, Mr. Kenney…

… stay classy.

Interesting though how this exposes the deep rift between the wacko right in the CPC and their more moderate and sane cousins in Alberta.


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  1. Allan Wood says:

    No, John all it exposes is that Kenney thinks Lukaszuk is an asshole. A feeling which, I suspect, is mutual. Who knows for sure but maybe Kenney hit the reply-all button on purpose.

    1. trashee says:

      A friend who worked for one of the PC candidates in the last election tells me that there were some very bad feeling between some fed CPC MPs and some Alberta PC candidates. A few of the feds were actively campaigning – e.g., door knocking – for some Wildrose candidates in some tight ridings.

      But yeah, the reply all was likely intentional.

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