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Justin Trudeau…

… will he or won’t he?

I haven’t a clue and don’t pretend otherwise.

But Warren Kinsella does have some insights and recently (as in “today”) outlined 10 Reasons why JT is a Good Choice.

All valid points and, quite frankly, this from-the-sidelines blogger-dude cannot come up with 10 Reasons why JT isn’t a Good Thing.

But I can come up with a few.

  1. He would be as welcome in Saskatchewan and Alberta as a locust at harvest time. Or Greenpeace at any pub in Fort Mac. Or PETA at the Stampede. Or… etc.
  2. The Liberals would once again be running a coronation and not a leadership contest. fresh ideas seldom come out of coronations.
  3. Other less prominent but equally or better qualified than Mr. Trudeau may be discouraged from running. Why? See Number 2 above. Liberals like David McGuinty, David Bertschi, Dominc Leblanc, Marc Garneau or even someone like Sheila Fraser are all legit, have good ideas and are fresh.
  4. I’m not sure of JT’s sellability in his home province. But I could be wrong.
  5. Some progressive people – and I know quite a few – think he’s a poser and is riding his Dad’s name… name-cred but not enough street cred.

OK. Only five reasons. Best I can do.


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