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June 14th, 2012:

The Pretty Boy…

… is whining again.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a dig at Lionel Messi after the Portugal international was mocked by Denmark supporters during the 3-2 victory in Lviv on Wednesday night, when the Real Madrid forward once again failed to deliver for his country. The Denmark fans chanted Messi’s name whenever Ronaldo was on the ball.

Asked about the Messi chants, Ronaldo said: “You know where he was at this time [last year]? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, no?”

As well as not getting his facts right –  Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the competition before losing to the eventual winners, Uruguay – Ronaldo’s response will be interpreted by many as evidence of his annoyance with Messi’s status as the world’s best footballer. Although Ronaldo scored 60 goals for Real Madrid last season en route to winning La Liga, Messi eclipsed him on an individual basis, scoring 73 goals for Barcelona, including 50 in the league.

Sorry, Pretty Boy. Messi is the best. You don’t even make it to the top 5!

So glad I don’t have to watch this cry-baby in the EPL anymore!


Justin Trudeau…

… will he or won’t he?

I haven’t a clue and don’t pretend otherwise.

But Warren Kinsella does have some insights and recently (as in “today”) outlined 10 Reasons why JT is a Good Choice.

All valid points and, quite frankly, this from-the-sidelines blogger-dude cannot come up with 10 Reasons why JT isn’t a Good Thing.

But I can come up with a few.

  1. He would be as welcome in Saskatchewan and Alberta as a locust at harvest time. Or Greenpeace at any pub in Fort Mac. Or PETA at the Stampede. Or… etc.
  2. The Liberals would once again be running a coronation and not a leadership contest. fresh ideas seldom come out of coronations.
  3. Other less prominent but equally or better qualified than Mr. Trudeau may be discouraged from running. Why? See Number 2 above. Liberals like David McGuinty, David Bertschi, Dominc Leblanc, Marc Garneau or even someone like Sheila Fraser are all legit, have good ideas and are fresh.
  4. I’m not sure of JT’s sellability in his home province. But I could be wrong.
  5. Some progressive people – and I know quite a few – think he’s a poser and is riding his Dad’s name… name-cred but not enough street cred.

OK. Only five reasons. Best I can do.


Courtesy of…





Things are still messed up…

… in Prestoland!

And it’s looking more and more like I may be able to use my EcoPass a little bit longer than I thought!

Which is important to me as the service generally sucks – especially during the afternoon rush – and I don’t agree with paying more for a substandard product and having to go through hoops to have the “privilege” of buying the service.


Just to clarify…

… I’m NOT at work today so if you see more than the usual number of posts popping up on this site today and tomorrow, it is NOT because I am blogging on work time. Rather, I am at work resting a very sore body that I somehow made very angry at me yesterday at the 11th hole of the Champlain golf course. Lost my footing. Went this way and that.

Now I am right now lying on my couch with the laptop perched on a pillow.

And I’m bored.

And when I’m bored, I write.

Just so ya know.

That is all. Carry on.


I don’t really like the term “nanny state”…

… but it is very much appropriate here!

Why is it that whenever there is a hot button issue that seems to fall under the rubric as counter to the  “public good” or “public health”, an immediate response is to “ban” the substance or the activity in question.

Here in Ottawa, smoking has effectively been banned almost everywhere except for your own home. This was the end result of a concerted campaign by Ottawa public health to convince Ottawa Council that smoking – anywhere where non-smokers could be exposed to the evil fumes – should be banned from any place where the City has authority to do so. This in spite of the fact that data show the rate of smoking on the decline and it had been so for several years.

But this wasn’t enough.

I am not a Libertarian but sometimes I can see where they are coming from. Does an otherwise legal activity need to be banned in order to meet some defined goal for the public good? Why not try education programs first? It obviously worked for smoking.  Rates were declining before the ban.

So what’s next? Milkshakes? Chips? Poutine? Popsicles? How about legislating exercise? Make Net-linked pedometers mandatory and fine or deny medical assistance to those who don’t burn a prescribed number of calories per day?

How far is too far?