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Friends sometimes ask me why I am so anti-conservative…

… And I always reply: no, you are wrong. I’m not at all anti-conservative.

I am anti-Harper and the Harper cabal.

These are two different things.

And now it looks like some prominent conservatives are beginning to agree with me

Premier Redford along with other conservatives who see and disagree with the wanton destruction of environmental regulations and research bodies are beginning to say what was previously unspeakable – that Harper is wrong. Dead wrong.

He is for me and he is becoming so for many conservatives.


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  1. Allan Wood says:

    And here I thought it was just .
    I prefer to believe the omni budget in its vastness is prepping Canada for future economic issues. To do so in one fell swoop eliminates the time lag built into parliament legislative process.
    We will be ready to take on the any global economic downturn.

    1. trashee says:

      C’mon Allan. The “time lag” is part of the democratic process and should not be circumvented.
      This has little to do with prepping Canada for anything and more to do with ensuring that debate over some of the contentious and non “Budget” issues contained therte in is curtailed.

      1. Allan Wood says:

        John, Europe is crashing one piece at a time. Greece is a disaster and one in four Spaniards is unemployed with a banking system on the brink. France has chosen to put their heads in the sand and ignore the need for austerity while Germany wants the rest of the world to bail them out from self inflicted economic lunacy.
        Canada lives because of trade. Our high standard of living is based upon trade. You of all people with the data at your finger tips knows this to be true. Europe is our second largest trade block after the US. Our standard of living depends largely upon those two entities remaining healthy. Something that appears to unlikely in the near future. We don’t have two years to introduce the various bits of legislation contained in c-38 to protect our economy and keep Canadians working. This is a rare combination of global circumstances that requires a rare, for this gov’t, legislative action in the form of an omni-bill. Omni-bills are not all that rare in our history. The former Liberal gov’t had several of them.
        It is not normal practice I’ll give you that but it is very necessary to the health of our country given the global situation right now.

        1. trashee says:

          That’s what I like about you, Allan. We may not always agree, but you consistently make your arguements in structured, cogent and convincing fashion.
          Here’s the thing: Parliament exists as a key part of our democratic process. Government is not only the PMO. It is more than that and the democratic process should almost NEVER be curtailed or diminished simply because there is a perecived threat that by not acting swiftly, consequences would be dire.
          I say “almost” because in a time where invasion is threatened or there is a true financial crisis (e.g., thr loony drops to or the markets lose half their value), short-circuiting the process may be neccesary. This is not the case in this instance.
          I agree that Europe is a basket case – due to their own doing – but it is like a slow car wreck… it will unfold over years, not months.

          1. Allan Wood says:

            Thanks John and as always your replies are in kind.
            The democratic process is not being curtailed although one could argue ‘time allocation’ does limit its time in the sun. Note that at no time has parliamentary procedure been by-passed or not followed.
            No doubt there has been a lot to digest in c-38. The opposition have done there due diligence, one hopes, and thoroughly read the content and are presenting reasoned arguments as is their responsibility. Our system is clear, the gov’t has the right to govern and the opposition the right to oppose. Both have exercised that right very well.
            Can’t agree on the timing in Europe. The news today out of Spain indicates the bail-out was not well received by International investors. Gov’t bonds are being avoided like the plague. With Greece at the tipping point and the fourth largest economy in Europe, which is Spain, unable to raise capital the years you are hoping for are becoming months. This has all the possibilities of cascading dramatically.
            Our gov’t being prepared for the eventuality rather then reacting is a way better strategy in my books.

          2. trashee says:

            But Allan. Harper himself decried the use of omnibus leg when he was the Alliance and CPC Opposition leader. He was right because the situation wasn’t serious enough? Come now. There are always reasons for governments, no matter the stripe, to justify the “streamlining” of the process.

            Let me ask you: some world argue that the invocation of the War Measures Act was a sensible curtailment of due process. Canada was in crisis. No doubt. Serious crap. Assassinations. Something had to be done.

            Do you agree with Trudeau’s decision?

            There was a proclaimed need to act quickly. Perceived crisis. No time to go through the regular legislative process.

          3. trashee says:

            Some “would” argue… damn small screen.

          4. trashee says:

            Hey Allan – have you ever followed Kunstler?
            I think he’s over the top – but has some valid points.

    2. gordon says:

      I prefer to have a government that conducts itself in an open and transparent manner when they say they’re going to. This omnibus budget is about as far as your can get from being open and transparent without Parliament conducting its business in camera. There are so many things that are hidden in the omnibus budget that it’s difficult to know what the true ramifications of it are. Given their track record for not reading legislation they’re proposing, I wonder how many of them have actually read it from cover to cover.

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