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Glitches in the new Presto transit cards…

… are forcing OC Transpo to delay the handout of the cards by at least 10 days to do some more testing.

To me, this is good news. Hopefully there will be even more glitches and I’ll be able to use my EcoPass a little bit longer.

Officials with the city and the province’s transit agency said the pilot project is being extended by at least ten days, meaning handout of 200,000 free cards won’t start Sunday.

“The Family and Friends pilot is designed to assist Metrolinx in identifying critical technical issues so that they can be fixed before our customers begin using the system in large numbers,” said transit commission chair Diane Deans in a memo.

“The pilot is working as planned and the problems with this new-generation Presto system are being identified and addressed. However, we have heard from Presto that more needs to be done and therefore the launch will be delayed.”

Deans said Metrolinx will give the city status reports during the next ten days, then the city will give an update.



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