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June 6th, 2012:

Another symbol from my childhood…

… is gone.

Ray Bradbury died yesterday – a good, long life though… 91.

The Martian Chronicles is still one of my fave books. I think I first read it about 40 years ago and have re-read it many times since… The Million-Year Picnic is one of the finest short stories I have ever met. My old, orange cover paperback sits on my bookshelf.

And don’t forget Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and  The Illustrated Man. All classics.

Mr. Dark is still a character that freaks me out! Read Something Wicked This Way Comes if you haven’t already and you’ll agree!

Too bad Mr. Bradbury did not live to see his dream of Mars being colonised…

From the Martian Chronicles:

We Earth Men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things. The only reason we didn’t set up hot-dog stands in the midst of the Egyptian temple of Karnak is because it was out of the way and served no large commercial purpose.


Crazy shit…

…. or as WK calls him – a Kooky Katholic…

Yes. David Warren is at it again!

He is the main reason why I don’t subscribe to the Shitizen anymore. I couldn’t sleep knowing that some of my $$’s were going towards his salary!

And yet again, he is either sickly misinformed or an outright liar…

The separate existence of a Catholic school system is a legacy of the past, under constitutional protection that has been consistently upheld in the courts. Getting rid of it is impossible. But defunding might be politically feasible as a way to obviate that legacy, and force a merger of the two systems in practice.

Note what it would actually involve. The money for Catholic schools comes out of the pockets of Catholics and others who prefer it.

No. That is wrong. School support designations on municipal property assessments have no effect on total school board funding, which is determined solely by enrolment and other documented needs.

Ontario is now the only province that funds the religious schools of the Catholic faith exclusively, a situation that led the United Nations Human Rights Committee to censure Canada for religious discrimination in 1999 and again in 2005.

Of course, David Warren does live in his own little world where angels and faeries are commonplace, so he is likely blissfully unaware of reality.

Or he’s a liar.