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June 5th, 2012:

The Ontario anti-bullying bill…

… will be passed today, in spite of the chest-puffing by the Catholic church establishment and their School Trustees.

This is a good Bill and deserves to be the law of the land.

Now, Mr. McGuinty. Back off your belligerent stance on refusing to discuss bringing into public debate the mere possibility of a Constitutional amendment that will end public funding of Catholic schools.

Do it. It’s the right thing and the right time.


Fool, flake and flop…

… are three words that I think best describe this selfish bastard (aka Tim Thomas)

What a moron. No one will take him after this. He is through. And I’m glad to see this Tea Partier hit the road.

I wonder what would happen if I went to my Director proudly declaring that I need a year off to concentrate on family, friends and faith (no, as I haven’t any – in the same way that Timmy seems to have – would have to think of another “f” word… hmmm…).

Yeah. I wouldn’t get too far.