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End result of Emerald Ash Borer…

… in Alta Vista.

Last year, this was a 50 year old, 40 foot tall tree with perhaps an 18 inch girth.

Now even the stump is gone and this hole will, likely today, be filled with soil and seeded.


Funny looking tree, eh?

My neighbourhood is undergoing a massive transformation because of the pest. Just take a drive along Pleasant Park between Delmar and St. Laurent and you can see what I mean.

And this little part of the old Ottawa suburbs will not be the tree-lined community that it was for another 20 years or so. At least.

It makes me wonder if the City has made the right decision by taking the chainsaw route instead of the more costly treatment option. I do hope that at least some of the ashes in my ‘hood will be spared.


Note the die-off on the top. This one won't be around next year.



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  1. gordon says:

    I seem to recall that people had the option in some situations of funding the more expensive treatment route.

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