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Seen in The Onion…

U.N. endorses Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as tourism leader

Uh, what?

This wasn’t in The Onion?

Is this the same Mugabe who, for the past twenty-nine years, has presided over a corrupt government and led a violent political party that has systematically murdered and tortured Zimbabwans?

That one?

The same one who has killed thousands of those who did not agree with him or, horror of horrors, voted against him and his party?

The one who should be dragged in shackles before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to be charged with Crimes against Humanity (Persecution, Murder and Inhumane Acts)?

The same Robert Gabriel Mugabe who is individually criminally responsible for the massacre of over 20 000 Ndebele people of Matebeleland, and the demolition of over 700 000 homes?

The same one who has embezzled and looting the national treasury and has starved tens of thousands of his own citizens because of these financial crimes? national assets etc.

Naw. It can’t be the same one. The UN would never, ever do something so utterly stupid!

Would they?

They did?

Can we stop paying membership dues now?


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  1. sassy says:

    I did a double take on that one as well!!!! Can’t imagine what the thinking was, if any.

    1. trashee says:

      Incredible. I’m not one to normally knock the UN… but someone missed a memo or something!!!

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