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I agree with articles in the National Fish Wrapper…

… about as much as I agree with the religious views of the Shitizen’s David Warren… but I do have to go along with this article penned by Jesse Kline about some great, new examples of nanny-statism (though I really do dislike this term…  and most of Kline’s articles are the typical far right “black helicopter” type).

Going to the beach is banned in Saskatoon. Street hockey is banned in T.O. and, get this, the ice cream truck bell has been banned by a local government in B.C.

… that is exactly what’s happening in West Kelowna, B.C., which has become the latest municipality in British Columbia to ban the ice cream truck jingle. “When I was a young dad living in Glenrosa, I always hated the sound of an ice cream truck because it meant that [my kids] were chasing me, and then we were all chasing the truck down the street,” Mayor Doug Findlater told the Kelowna Capital News.

Really? That’s way over the top… even for me.



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  1. Chris says:

    I don’t know, Trashy. People DO seem to be getting stupider as the years go by. Now, it may just be a catch-22 situation, but it DOES seem like folks get themselves into all sorts of life-threatening situations by being just plain stupid. But, instead of dusting themselves off and walking sheepishly away, they turn around and point the finger of blame on SOMEBODY for not warning them enough or for not making things safer for them. And then the MEDIA gets on their hysterical high horse and quotes a lot of hand-wringing people who cry “when will SOMEBODY do SOMETHING to stop this madness?” Then SOMEBODY gets sued and loses a passel of money and the stupid injured guy walks away rich and even more stupid. So, of course, this has made all the SOMEBODYs are very anxious and they want to cover their asses to any and all possible pointy fingers in the future.

    1. trashee says:

      Yeah. I know. Canada has become more litigous like our neighbour to the south, eh? Personal responsibility and parental responsibilty doesn’t sem to be a “thing” anymore.
      But still… ice cream truck bells?????

      1. Chris says:

        Ice cream truck bells are like clowns — both are supposed to represent fun, childhood stuff but both really creep people out. I don’t know. I think other things that are creepy and/or dangerous that ought to be banned are: vacuum cleaners, blenders, wind chimes, barking dogs, frozen puddles, lightening, water more than 1 inch deep, wind, stones, insects and reptiles, roast beef, chicken fingers, lawnmowers, railroad crossings, cars, corn, forks, right-wing political parties, microwave ovens,reality TV and work.

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