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Trashy in China, 4.0

… the I’m outta here edition.

All packed. Ready to grab one last bite before the mini-bus picks us up at 2 pm. Then it’s the waiting game… 6:10 flight to Tranna and a 8:20 to YOW.

Looking forward to going home and seeing C and the kids. Ten days is a long time. I cannot imagine how folks in the Forces do it for months at a go… guess they just do… it’s part of the deal.

In all likelihood this will be my last trip to China. The project is coming to a close and considering the austerity culture in the PS these days, there will not be a lot of international travel for years to come save for the select few.

No matter, this has been quite the experience for the ol’ Parry Sound boy. When I was growing up in that small Ontario town, I often dreamed of seeing far off and exotic places like China – and I have done exactly that.

China has a beauty that is unlike anywhere else I have visited. The natural and built beauty of the Great Wall to the beauty of its people and culture and food (esp. The Food!). I will miss these things but I am am fortunate to have experienced them at all.

And who knows? Maybe I will make it back one day! I do know that my travel bug has not been squashed and I want to see and I know I will see many more wonders and experience many more cultures before I turn to dust. The world is a mighty varied place and it would be a disservice to myself to not endeavor to see even more of what it has to offer!



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