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Con talking head is “disappointed” in our democratic process…


Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey called the decision disappointing.

“Fifty two thousand people in Etobicoke-Centre followed the rules, cast their ballots and today had their democratic decision thrown into doubt,” he said.

Well, no, Mr. DeLorey. Some of those 52,000 voters in the riding did NOT follow the rules and that is why the election results have been overturned. The judge’s ruling in this case is an intrinsic part of the democratic process.

Got a problem with that?

Bring on the by-election!!!!


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  1. Dave says:

    You can’t really expect the cons to understand that in a democracy it is reasonable to assume that if there was voter fraud the results might just be fraudulent too. I expect they will appeal then in a year or so when the process winds to its final conclusion they’ll take the maximum 6 months to call a bi election and then if that goes against them they’ll complain about activist judges interfering with democracy. The cons are always very worried about anything lessening the democratic process.

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