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May 18th, 2012:

Con talking head is “disappointed” in our democratic process…


Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey called the decision disappointing.

“Fifty two thousand people in Etobicoke-Centre followed the rules, cast their ballots and today had their democratic decision thrown into doubt,” he said.

Well, no, Mr. DeLorey. Some of those 52,000 voters in the riding did NOT follow the rules and that is why the election results have been overturned. The judge’s ruling in this case is an intrinsic part of the democratic process.

Got a problem with that?

Bring on the by-election!!!!



 A short vid of the drive through Tiannemen Square


By-election on the way!


Once legal appeals, in this case, at the SC level, are exhausted.

This election will provide a bit of an insight about whether or not the good folks in Etobicoke Centre have been paying attention to the goings-on of that 3 ring circus called the Harper government. And in turn this may provide an indicator about the feelings of Canadians on the broader scale (outside of Alberta, that is).


Trashy in China, 4.0

Some pics… I’ll post more later this weekend after some sight-seeing.


Friday miscellany…

short and sweet Trashy in China 4.0 version…

Don’t have time to sit in front of my keyboard too much these days, kids… so I hammered out only a couple of things this week Stay tuned for lots of pictures over the weekend!


It seems as though ReformCon Heritage Minister James Moore has his knickers (offensive word removed at the command of the Minister) in a twist over a new exhibit at the Science and technology Museum.

The folks who run the aging museum though it would be appropriate to have an exhibit entitled Sex: A tell-All exhibit on display at the museum on St. Laurent Blvd. It only just opened on Thursday, so I haven’t yet had the chance to take a look-see for myself. But apparently, the Good Minister of Moral Fibre has decreed that an exhibit that explores sex (offensive word removed at the command of the His Most Holy Minster of Celibacy) – the study of which is, of course, a science – is offensive to His Prudishness and has launched a one-man campaign to have it removed. Never mind that such an exhibit is well within the mandate of the museum and never mind that His Puritanship is the guy responsible for funding things like, uh, museums. Good thing this Adjudicator of Purity is not in charge of Le Louvre… good-bye Venus de Milo!

Even his own colleagues can’t understand why the doofus is kicking up such a prude-fest!

OTTAWA — A Conservative senator said Thursday she can’t see the problem with an Ottawa museum exhibit that’s sparked controversy for its frank depictions of nudity and sexuality.

“It’s what every teenager needs to see,” said Sen. Nancy Ruth. “I’m so very pleased that it’s here. This isn’t a pornographic show at all, it’s an educational show. It’s a show that every family should bring their kids to see.”

Doesn’t this jello-for-brains have anything better to do than charge away at museum public servants with his holy umbrella of prudishness? Maybe, like, propose policies that would benefit and promote arts, heritage and culture in Canada? Crazy, yeah, I know. I guess he’s bored.


Haikus inspired by Beijing!


The avenues full

Traffic moves like drunken slugs

Horns are incessant


Beijing restaurants

Good food for twenty yuan

Where ducks go to die


Urban planners here

Have a big land to cover

And never think small



Tea poured by ladies

Air conditioning turned off

Sweating profusely


Our interpreters

Make sense of our ramblings

Skilled beyond belief


Public health nurse says

To protect belly from bugs

Pepto-Bismo works



Tiananmen Square

Only four short klicks away

Sixty minutes by bus