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Trashy in China, 4.0

Day one.

Well, that wasn’t so bad, really… yeah, it’s about 22 hours in travel mode door to door, but the flights were uneventful and I had a half-decent sleep last night. Melatonin rocks!

After checking in and dropping our stuff off at our rooms, we stuck to what has become the usual pattern for these trips: head off to one of the joints behind the hotel for what is intended to be a short bowl of soup but what invariably turns into a full-blown meal with numerous  mouth-watering dishes and beer (equally yummy) . It’s my fourth trip here and I am still astounded by the price of food here… worked out to about $9 each! Awesome food heaven!

There are always surprises that await when coming here. A building that wasn’t there before has “suddenly” sprung up in a matter of months. A handy and cheap store is replaced by a pizza joint.  And a super yummy Indian resto has vanished.  Still, the hotel breakfast buffet hasn’t changed much since my first trip here in 2007 and the rooms in the Jianguo Hotel are still top-notch.

This afternoon, it’s off to the Silk market to get some clothes for myself and look for some things for C and the kids. Each trip here, the first time through the Market is a bit (a lot) of a trial… the yelling and grabbing can get under your skin… but it’s worth it. I try to get as much of this out of the way early in the week so I can spend the rest of my free time here enjoying myself in a less frantic way.

Tomorrow – off to work!




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