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May 11th, 2012:

Kanata… O the surprises

We dropped our daughter #2 off at a Brownie camp yesterday north of Kanata close to Dunrobin.

We took March Road off the Queensway and I completely expected that, shortly after exiting, we’d be zooming past farms and trailer parks as we traveled toward the river.

Boy, was I wrong!

Much to my amazement, there is more to Kanata than that strip along the highway! Much more!

Being from a more urban part of Ottawa, I generally think that little of aesthetic worth exists outside the Greenbelt. Yes, there are boxy homes and big box outlets in places like Barrhaven and that wasteland along Innes Road in Orleans. But I never thought that such built form existed even in the wilds of KANATA!

For sure, I knew they had a wave pool and the Scotiabank Place. But drive northward sometime and I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as I was! I cannot even imagine what is situated the south! Lions and dragons, perhaps?

There are stores galour in these northern territories. And homes – likely with running water and utilities hooked into the wider infrastructure grid! Even a LCBO! And schools! And a Sobeys! We in Alta Vista don’t have one of those!

So welcome to that area of north of Kanata… Whatever you’re called. You truly are on par with other Ottawa planning glories. YOU deserve to be uttered in the same breathe as the other Ottawa suburbs!


The CPC is taking the NDP rise in the polls…

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