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Hey kids, if you’re sexy…

… don’t let your school know it!

A Colorado elementary school student was suspended from school this week for singing a lyric from a popular LMFAO song, “I’m sexy and I know it.”

Those six little words from the Los Angeles rap-influenced duo earned first-grader D’Avonte Meadows a three day dismissal from Sable Elementary in Aurora, Colo.

“I only just said the song,” Meadows told Denver’s ABC7 News. “I’m sexy and I know it.”

School officials said D’Avonte was suspended for sexual harassment after he sang and the line  to a female classmate who was standing in a lunch line. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t the first time he’d serenaded this girl with this particular lyric.

Alright, yeah, it looks like this kid has some “issues” with appropriate behaviour at school, but cripes, man… he’s SIX YEARS OLD!

And unless the parents are completely off the crazy scale meter, he doesn’t have the faintest idea what “sexy” even means!

As a sidebar, my son sings this all of the time. We think it’s cute. But maybe we had better tell him to refrain from doing so while at school…


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  1. Chris says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this. I don’t think it’s cute at all for 6-year-olds to be singing about being sexy. I don’t think it’s cute for 6-year-olds to be wearing make-up or “sexy” clothing or doing bump and grind dances during recitals. And depending on what this kid was doing while he was singing this song to a female classmate (and I somehow imagine he was also copying the music video and not just singing deadpan) I can see why the little girl (and/or her parents) might be upset by him doing this. I don’t know if it warrants a suspension from school, but he needs to learn boundaries. If he hasn’t learned this stuff by six, now would be a good time to drive it home. There’s a lot of “raw” stuff out there that kids are exposed to all the time, unfortunately. And they understand a lot more than we think they do. They’re not allowed to be innocent anymore. They’re bombarded with sex and violence everywhere they turn. It’s not their fault if they mimic what they see/hear, but some responsible adult should step in and try to protect their childhoods a bit.

    1. trashee says:

      I hear you about the clothing and the dancing. No doubt. And because the kid had already been warned about this, he should get some clarity from the Mom. Which she says she will do.

      But this is making a mountain out of a molehill IMHO and no way should the kid have been suspended for it. Gross overreaction by the school

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