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Harper is a DeceptiCon!

Owen, after watching Rise of the Fallen.

Daddy: Is Stephen Harper a Decepticon?

Me: I think so. He likes to blow up things and doesn’t like people.

Owen: Daddy, I want to be an Autobot.


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  1. What’s going to be interesting is seeing what the next government changes back.

    It’s one thing to rail about the Conservatives hating people, or having a weird agenda, or damaging this or that or the other thing. Arguably, that’s all fair commentary.

    But, and this is important, if the stuff the conservatives are doing is bad, it would seem logical that the next government would reverse the “damage”. Historically, this has not been done.

    The most egregious example of that is the GST. Now personally, I thought the GST was a good idea. What I didn’t like was that the PC government of the day used a legal trick to ram it through when it became apparent it would be killed in the Senate. It seemed obvious at the time that GST was not the will of the people of Canada.

    Fine we get the GST. The Liberals of the time hooted and hollered… and when they formed the government and got their hands on the GST that they almost killed when they were opposition, they did nothing. “Oh well, umm, yeah, gee, umm, never mind all that past stuff we said.”

    In Ontario, the PC government was derided as anti-union, but it was the NDP that brought in the sweeping anti-union attacks.

    This sort of history tells me three things:

    1. Unpalatable though their measures may seem, those measure have a history of being necessary.
    2. The non-conservatives appear to know this since they don’t seem to work hard to reverse the legislation when they get a chance. Oh sure, they nit-pick the small stuff, but major bits seem to stand.
    3. It may well be that Conservatives serve as some kind of bitter medicine that Canadians elect once in a while to get the unpleasant jobs done and then go back to business (Liberals) as usual when it’s done… in other words, there’s plenty of Canadians who know it too, although whether they’re conscious of it is another question.

    Let’s face it… Only the densest conservative thinks there’s going to be another Harper term once this one is up. That’s probably a given at this point. But realistically, how much of Harper’s legacy will the next govenment undo? Very little, I suspect. At their core, the other parties will like things such as a culture of controlled media access, concentrated powers in the PMO’s office, etc.

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