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May 5th, 2012:

Harper is a DeceptiCon!

Owen, after watching Rise of the Fallen.

Daddy: Is Stephen Harper a Decepticon?

Me: I think so. He likes to blow up things and doesn’t like people.

Owen: Daddy, I want to be an Autobot.


I’ve never understood why some…

… peeps think it is somehow cool to vandalize someone else’s property. I did a lot of crazy stuff in my youth but never once did I intentionally wreck or deface something that didn’t belong to me. I just didn’t.

And it is quite costly, as reported in this article.

…the city said they responded to 368 requests to repair bus shelters in 2011. There are about 1,400 bus shelters in the city.The City of Ottawa responded to more than 200 reports of shattered glass at bus shelters in 2011. (CBC)

Of those requests, 207 were to fix or clean up shattered glass. It costs $350 to replace one pane of glass.

In 2011 the city spent $225,000 for all bus shelters repairs and another $135,000 to clean up graffiti at the stops.

Crazy. I just don’t get it.