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Update to this story… looks like this kid was aggressively proselytizing, ergo, he should be voted off the island..

A Nova Scotia student suspended from classes for five days for wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Life Is Wasted Without Jesus” returned to school today wearing the same garment, but he was quickly taken home by his father.

William Swinimer, who’s in Grade 12, was scheduled to attend a session for all students on how to express their beliefs in a way that is respectful to all.

But John Swinimer said he wants Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin, Lunenburg County, to only teach the basic courses, leaving religion out of it.

Students said William Swinimer has been preaching his Christian beliefs, making them feel uncomfortable, and the shirt was the last straw, so they complained.




IF this is the full story, then that school in Nova Scotia should give its politically-correct head a shake!

Now y’all KNOW that I’m a grumpy ol’ atheist. Always have been and will be… BUT COME ON PEOPLE!

Unless the message on the shirt is racist or otherwise offensive, the kid should be free to wear it… regardless of how silly I think the message might be.

I guess, however, it depends on what one classified as “offensive”, doesn’t it?

If the kid was handing bibles or the Koran, or the Manifesto of the Leprechaun Lordships, then he should cease and desist. But a T shirt? Naw. Whatever.


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  1. Dave says:

    Why is it that a kid, not a teacher would be prevented from voicing his opinion about life and or religion at school or elsewhere. There used to be a country where free speech was respected. I too think religion is a crock of doodoo but that doesn’t kill the kid’s right to say what he thinks. THe trouble with free speech is you have to allow th others to have free speech too and when you start editing who can and who can’t talk and what they can or can’t talk about you open the door to Stephen Harper deciding what is acceptable.

    1. trashee says:

      But it does turn out that this kid is really pushing his religion on other kids and even teachers. The t-shirt in and of itself? Whatever.
      Or, as the Squid says: “If someone wants to warn people with “Crazy as a shithouse fly” on their shirt, cool.”
      But aggressive preaching? No way.

  2. sm says:

    It would be interesting to know what was going on previously at the school. If one person is just wearing a shirt, that is one thing. But if it happens the day after an incident between two groups on differing sides of a religious “debate”, then that is a different thing. He’d been told for a week not to wear that shirt. Had he been proselytizing and been told to keep it to himself and then shows up in that shirt? Or did he just put it on one day without other considerations?

    But, your first line is the one that carries the most weight, “IF this is the full story”.

    1. sassy says:

      I wondered the same thing and had the same reaction as Trashy did, until I watched a CTV video in which another student at the school said that the t-shirt wearer has been preaching to all the students.

      t-shirt – fine, preaching, not so fine.

      1. trashee says:

        Yup. It seems this kid was doing more than just wearing a T shirt. The MotherCorp story didn’t elaborate.

        Preach? Not on. Wear the T and shaddup? Whatever.

        1. I thikn the t-shirt is a great warning. If someone wants to warn people with “Crazy as a shithouse fly” on their shirt, cool.

          When they start acting crazy around people, then action has to be taken. That seems to be the case in this situation.

      2. trashee says:

        Agreed. I looked it up and saw it too. And apparently he has been preaching quite aggressively!

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