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April, 2012:

A couple of things…

… have me wondering what is being put into the water consumed by the good burghers of a) Toronto and b) Alberta.

Exhibit A, Toronto:

Rob Ford’s approval rating is up.


As in the Mayor, Rob Ford?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating is at its highest point since last June, a new poll by Forum Research Inc. has found.

The automated telephone poll of Toronto residents found that 47 per cent of those surveyed approve of the mayor’s work, up from 41 per cent last month, and an analysis of the numbers by Forum Research suggests that Mr. Ford would be the likely winner in a three-way race if an election were held today.

Must have something with Leafs being out of the playoffs again. Or the smog. Or the water. or the…

C’mon! Help me people! Throw me a line!

Exhibit B, Alberta:

Well, our good friends in Oil-land will be going to the polls soon to elect a new government. And, Alberta being Alberta, the fight is between a right-wing party and an even more right-wing party. Extremist parties on either end of the political spectrum tend to attract, well, let’s call them “wing-nuts” for lack of a better word.

And nowhere is this more evident than in the upstart Wildrose Party… an Alberta-centric, f*** the rest of Canada group of folks who have a REAL chance of winning this thing. And if they do, Alberta is going to swing more to the right than any southern U.S. state could imagine! Hey, the Tea Party would do well to relocate some offices to downtown Calgary!

Anyhoo.. back to the wing-nuts.

Let’s look at this guy, a premium Grade A Alberta wing-nut if there ever was one. His name is Richard Evans. He’s a good old boy…. well, no… more like a neo-Nazi. He also advocates the murder of peeps whose views don’t line up with his… like, oh, Tweeting that David Suzuki should be assassinated…

h/t to the intrepid Warren Kinsella for posting this…

Aren’t death threats illegal in Alberta?

And let’s look at Allan Hunsperger. This is what he wrote about gays:

Wildrose candidate Allan Hunsperger wrote about his views on homosexuality on his blog in 2011. Hunsperger, a minister with The House church in Tofield, suggested if gays and lesbians continue to choose their sexual orientation they will suffer in the afterlife: “You will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell.”

Hunsperger suggested that for their own sake, gays and lesbians must be made aware of the imperative to change, and not simply accept who they are, as singer Lady Gaga suggests they do. “Accepting people the way they are is cruel and not loving!”

On Sunday afternoon, after this blog post was spread on the Twitter, Hunsperger took down the blog post from his church’s website, but others had copied it and it continued to circulate on the Internet.

Oh yeah… way to go! You win the hate-monger prize of the year!!!! What a FUN guy!!! I can just imagine the cool and interesting convos I could have with him!!

And there are others too! In fact, the party demanded that all candidates – even those vying for nomination at the local level – post a “good behaviour” bond of $1,000 that would be returned if they didn’t do something or say something too stupid during the campaign

Others have a prior history of regretting quotes, too. Wildrose candidate Doug Faulkner, after losing a mayoral re-election bid in Fort McMurray to challenger Melissa Blake, once told the Calgary Herald that “lady mayors don’t go over well in industrial towns.” Another Wildrose candidate, Don Koziak, once kicked off a failed mayoral bid in Edmonton by declaring light-rail transit to be a dirty mode of transportation – cities should just widen roads instead, he said.

Alberta? Do you REALLY want these wackos in charge of your province? Really?

Then you should move to Toronto. You’d be in like company, it seems.


The world loses…


… another rock legend…


Ted Nugent is a moron…

… plain and simple.

At the National Rifle Association convention, Nugent had said, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

“We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November… Our president, attorney general, our vice president, Hillary Clinton — they’re criminals, they’re criminals,” he added.

The Secret Service is looking into this. As a sidebar, if they are so damned secret, how come everyone knows about them?

But seriously, as much as I abhor the ground that dweebs like Jason Kenney, Vic Toews, Pierre Polievre et al trod upon, I would NEVER advocate violence of ANY kind against them!

Aren’t there laws against threats like these in the States?

What a pathetic excuse for a human being…



The elimination of the ECOPASS program…

… might turn me back to my car as my way to get to work…

Flawed logic alert here folks:

Termination of the ECOPASS program

The introduction of PRESTO will allow former ECOPASS holders to customize their travel experience while providing the convenience and flexibility to purchase as many months of transit service as they need.   As a result, it is recommended that the ECOPASS Program be eliminated during the fall of 2012.

Further, OC Transpo is no longer able to sustain annual fares that are deeply discounted below operating costs.

In 2011-12, an ECOPASS subscription costs $990 per year, and with the 2.5 percent increase applied, it would cost $1,014 in 2012-13. By choosing to purchase 10 monthly passes and 10 days of pay-per-ride e-Purse fares, a typical current ECOPASS subscriber would pay $1,015 per year in 2012-13.

The cost of an ECOPASS will increase to the cost of an Adult Regular or Express monthly pass as of July 1, depending on what the customer has chosen.  ECOPASS subscribers will have the option to withdraw from the ECOPASS program by notifying their employer and taking advantage of paying less for their reduced transit needs during the summer. Although ECOPASS holders can continue with payroll deductions until the fall, they also will have the option to transition to PRESTO when they choose.  Each employer will be provided with proper termination notices in accordance with the terms of each employer’s respective ECOPASS contract.

ECOPASS holders, once they convert to PRESTO, will be able to take advantage of the new transferable bus pass.  This provides the benefit of allowing customers to transfer their bus pass within the same class. 

 Staff will provide notification of the fare change to employers of ECOPASS subscribers and will  work with them to issue new PRESTO smart cards through the fall of 2012 to provide a seamless transition.

Why flawed logic?

The bolded text is assuming that current ECOPASS holders take 6 weeks of holidays in the summer! I don’t know ANYONE who takes off this much time within a 2 month block… or even spread through the year! Most take 2 weeks off – max 3.

For me, the fare will increase from $990 / year to $1,155… assuming I get the Presto card for 12 months… which I would do due to the convenience factor… not going to waste my time starting and stopping automatic debits.

I want to stay on the transit wagon… for environmental reasons alone and 150ish bucks may not seem like much, but combine that with the service that alternates between abysmal and barely acceptable… and, well, I think some may rethink their options.

I know that I’ll be one of them.


I hate seeing things like this happen.

I really do.

Our local soccer club has cancelled the 2012 season due to a lack of volunteers.

2012 Season Cancelled

Dear parents,

The Canterbury Soccer Club is a community-based, developmental soccer club that has been run solely by volunteers for the past 35 years. Some years, we have had up to 700 athletes from 4-15 years old learn to play soccer and have fun at the same time with our organization.

For the past several years, the numbers of volunteers has dwindled to the point where parents whose kids no longer play with the CSC have been asked to come back to help complete 10 executive jobs that needed to be done.

Lately, we have also had to vigorously convince parents to volunteer as we are annually short on coaches. But, the three people on executive last year managed to organize the 48 teams for over 550 kids to make the season happen. One of those volunteers was at the field 4 nights a week for the entire season.

We understand that soccer may not be a very familiar game to most, and that coaching is can be a daunting task. However, we have in place several options open for coaches’ training and practice plans that will help in running teams.

However, as a result of not having enough volunteers we have decided to cancel 2012 season in its entirety.

We hope that you will consider volunteering for a position on the executive or as a coach next year.  The Annual General meeting where the executive jobs will be filled for 2013 will be held in the boardroom of the Biran Kilrea Arena (next the the Canterbury Community Centre) on Thursday April 19th at 7:00 pm.

Please step forward as a volunteer so that CSC will be reborn in 2013. Our kids are relying on you.

If you live in south-east Ottawa, please consider volunteering for next season.

Yeah, I know, it is tough to find the time. And if you are at all like me, you are already involved in one thing or another in your community or with your family. There is a limit.

But if you don’t already have something on the go, or can spare a few hours in the evening during the week next May and June, why not consider getting involved with this organisation? It is well-run, the season isn’t long, you get outdoors, and best of all, NO experience required!



Slowest app on my phone…

… by a mile…


Fix this. No app should take 1 minute plus to load!!!

Now back to your regular station.


The Stephen Harper cabal…

… is the most two-faced government in the history of this country!

Latest case in point… I just received word that there are big job cuts at Veterans Affairs… and not so-called “back office” staff… front line client service workers!!!!!

Yeah, I’m a peacenik, but these men and women deserve the best care and support that we can provide. How can the CPC justify this???



Sometime last week…

… I went over 100,000 page views!

Yeah, I know that’s small change for some big-traffic sites, but still… pretty cool.


Missing $$$ at Ottawa school…

Wow. This kind of puts some of the issues that we have to deal with on our own Parent Council into perspective!

70 K!

I so completely sympathise with the volunteer Council executive members who have been left to deal with this situation however they can. They didn’t sign on for this. No one does.

Here’s hoping that if a person or persons are found criminally responsible for act that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These actions have impacted the lives of the Council as well as the 29 families who are scrambling for after-school care due to the closure of the program (due to not being paid).


How about free tickets?

That would be better than a half-assed corporate letter of mea culpa!

I’m sorry… I see what they are trying to do, but like their February swoon, they come up miserably short.

Don’t want to even think about hockey until next year.