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Here they come again…

… the “royal” family, that is.

Yup, time for the Harperites to once again waste some mega bucks – $1 million range – to host and fête members of Britain’s most famous inbreds.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore defended the visit Monday in a conference call with reporters, saying the Tories are trying to keep the costs down. “Of the four visits we’ve had, this one will be least expensive for taxpayers.”

He said Canadians should feel honoured to be able to celebrate the “Diamond Jubilee” of a reigning Queen, or the 60th anniversary of the monarch ascending the throne.

The 2009 visit cost of Charles and Camilla cost Canadian taxpayers $1.7-million. A 2010 visit of Queen Elizabeth cost $2.8-million. The 2011 visit by Prince William and Kate cost $1.2-million.

These price tags do not include the security costs that Canadian governments must bear to secure the visit.

The Conservative government is currently chopping $5.2-billion from Ottawa’s budget over several years, a measure which will see at least 12,000 public servants lose their jobs and hundreds of programs trimmed or axed.

Sorry Jimbo… not feeling particularly “honoured”.

And those security costs? On previous visits, security costs were about $1 million.




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  1. Although really… are they actually VIPs? Would Obama’s daughter visiting us get an all-expenses-paid trip here?

  2. I have yet to understand why some of the richest people in the UK have to come to Canada on our dime.

    As VIPs, I’ll let the security costs go, but FFS, can’t they pay their own travel and lodging?

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