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No one is really surprised, right?

That Harper is opening the door leading down a right-to-choose debate corridor?

If you are, or if you really think that this is an innocent Private Member Motion to simply discuss updating the “when does life begin” law, then you need to give your head a shake.

Of course, the timing of this is to distract Canadians from the F-35, prisons, crime bill, Bev Oda, election fraud, etc. etc. And the motion itself is intended to appease the red meat social cons from the west and in rural Canada.

The end game is to take away or limit right-to-choose rights from women. There is no doubt in my mind.

Harper micromanages and controls all messaging coming out of the CPC. All of it. This PMM did NOT just sneak though. It has the full support of the PM.

Didn’t he say last election “Let me be perfectly clear, we will no reopen the abortion debate”

Asked in French by a reporter whether he is personally for or against a woman’s right to choose abortion, Harper didn’t answer directly.

“Very clearly I am against reopening that debate,” he said. “That is my position, now and in the past five years as well, and as long as I am prime minister, we will not reopen the debate on abortion. We will leave the law as it stands.”

Yup. He sure did.

But of course, campaign promises are a dime a dozen for these guys, eh?


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  1. Dave says:

    I loved hearing the sponsor explain that it wasn’t a bill about abortion but that the country needs to have a “discussion” so we can learn when a fetus becomes a living human being “legally” His choice of the word legally would be so so funny if in fact the supreme court hadn’t already answered that exact question years ago. I’m not sure how you determine something more legal than a supreme court decision but I’m sure the people who want to control women’s vaginas will have a couple of dyas in the house to tell us.

    1. I’m not sure how you determine something more legal than a supreme court decision


      1. Make a new law. Parliament can create new legislation, thereby overruling, or at least perverting, any SCC ruling.

      2. Invoke the notwithstanding clause and ignore the SCC.

  2. Toria says:

    The fact that the debate is even opened is disgusting. Sorry, don’t think harper and his minions have a right to say what happens in any womens uterus. I’m so sick of people defending this mofo!! I’m sure he practices what he preaches so he must be one stupid ignorant dude to even bring up the topic. Shouldn’t have even gone there. Whats next ? Capital punishment ?

  3. It’s a private member’s motion. It won’t get very far.

    And it’s a shrewd political ploy on Harper’s part. He’s smart enough to know that anyone not from the farmer bible belt of the west nor the evangelical yobs of southern Ontario is absolutely not going to vote for any MP that looks positively on the motion.

    So the motion goes out as a private member thing. People “know” that the party is secretly behind it, because everyone loves a good conspiracy. But like all things private-member, it dies under a hail of protest and apathy.

    In the future, he can tell the god-whallopers that his party brought a motion forward. In that same future, he can tell everyone else “see, I let my people act freely, and we killed off a clearly unpopular motion, putting the issue to rest for another generation… But I support freedom of thought and expression, and the freedom of my MPs to bring forward the issues they think are important. You don’t oppose freedom of thought and expression do you?”

    Conservative win either way. It’s brilliant move.

  4. toria says:

    I hope Harper gets hit by an 18 wheeler

    1. trashee says:

      Hey everyone – meet my kid! She kinda thinks like me. Go figger. Apple not far from the tree stuff, I guess.
      Yes, Tor… that is the instinctive reaction. But we should think of ways to dump the guy and his party short of the 18 wheeler option.

      1. Chris says:

        You guys really bonded in Paris, didn’t you? She’s all up in your social media these days. That being said, I think Harper deserves something a little longer-lasting than becoming instant roadkill — like inglorious defeat and then having to watch his hoped for legacy tarnish and rust over the next 40 years or so.

        1. trashee says:

          True. Roadkill would be too kind.
          And yes, we had an awesome time in Paris!

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