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April 23rd, 2012:

A shooter designed for Ottawa!

First off, I can’t take credit for this idea. It came from the truly inspired mind of a colleague. Hats off to him!

Take two parts of this:

And one part of this:

And presto!

Introducing the “Pink Slip” which is sure to become a standard shooter bar item at the best Ottawa bars and clubs as more and more public servants are served notice over the coming months!

And it is truly the ideal drink for the “Impacted” and the “Affected” (1) ; numbs the brain, as alcohol tends to do… but also calms the tummy that has been driven into spasms because of the months of uncertainty.

The “Pink Slip”. Order one today!

1. PS workers under WFA (2) will know these terms.

2. All PS workers should know what “WFA” means by now.


A good thing to throw some dollars at…

Dennis is an old friend of mine. He is asking for support for his son Xander who will be walking 5 km this year in the CN Cycle for CHEO. No amount is too small!! Click here to make a donation. Tax receipts are issued automatically.

Cancer sux.

CHEO is a great hospital.

Need I say more?




…yet simultaneously disgusting.

I hope Albertans are not covered by a similar storm of the narrow-minded insularism, negativism and cynicism exemplified by the Wildrose Party.

And yes, I can make a political statement out of any given context.