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Update to my last post about the Alberta election…

Yup, some of the biggest wing-nuts can be found the comments sections of the on-line stories.

Check out THIS doozy comment on a CTV News story about a new poll showing that the PCs are creeping back into the race:



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  1. Yep, divide the right. Don’t waste time on useless crap like “unite the left”, “have a consistent, logical, feasible message and vision” and so on… the only way to win is to play the politics of division.

    The reason we have Harper today is largely because “the right” figured this out.

    If “the left” is so strong, it should get its act together and unite. If the left can’t unite, it doesn’t deserve to lead.

    And I’m not being facetious. A leftie government that wins on the back of a divided right while still maintaining a divided left will actually piss off MORE people than the current mostly-united right government with a divided left. “The Left” really needs to get its act together and demonstrate leadership.

    Until “the left” can show it’s fit for leadership, they’re not going to form an effective government, even if the right fractures (which seems to be Harper’s goal too) and somehow a leftie gov gets in.

    1. trashee says:

      *sniff*… and where does leave a centrist like me???
      Homeless. Homeless…

      1. That’s another issue.

        in fact, we probably need to “unite the centre”, and leave the crazies on the left AND right hanging out in the breeze.

        But the same rules apply. If “the centre” can’t unite, it doesn’t deserve to lead.

  2. Chris says:

    I hope the wildrose party kicks ass in Alberta — dividing the right is our best chance of toppling Harper and the conservatives in the long run. And Alberta is far enough away.

    1. trashee says:

      Maybe so.
      But I have friends there and feel sorry for them.

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