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Friday miscellany…

Jason Kenney edition.

Is Jason Kenney Canada’s Joseph McCarthy?

I think so…

OTTAWA — New Democratic Party MP Don Davies says it never occurred to him when he innocuously snapped a photo at an anti-racism march in Vancouver last month that he would suddenly become the latest target in an increasingly vicious Canadian political culture.

That single act would result in the Vancouver MP being described in the House of Commons, and in a news release from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, as a cheerleader for “anarchists and anti-capitalist mobs” and a defender of the rights of “violent foreign criminals, war criminals and bogus asylum claimants.”

The Vancouver march, involving several hundred people on a Sunday afternoon, was to mark the United Nations-sanctioned International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

It was promoted on the websites of a number of mainstream organizations that included the NDP, several public sector unions and a Vancouver students’ association.

But Davies, who represents the riding of Vancouver Kingsway — arguably the most left-wing in the country — committed an unpardonable sin, according to Kenney, who represents the very conservative riding of Calgary Southeast.

The march was organized by the anarchist organization No One Is Illegal. The group’s supporters carried signs and banners, including one amateurish sign that declared: “People’s March Against Jason Kenney!”

Davies, who is Kenney’s official critic in Parliament, tweeted the photo along with the comment that this was his “favourite” sign at the march.

“You’re at a No One is Illegal event, Don?” Kenney replied on Twitter several minutes later. “That’s pretty extreme. They’re anarchists who oppose any limits on immigration & . . .”

Davies immediately shot back: “Jason, it’s actually a multi-party community event to mark Int’l Day Against Racism on March 21. I’m marching for tolerance . . .”

The House of Commons wasn’t sitting that week but a week later, when MPs returned to Ottawa, Davies was accused of being sympathetic to NOII’s positions.

The depths to which Kenney will sink knows no bounds. I’m waiting for the Inquisition legislation to be introduced.


Sticking with Jason Kenney for a minute… as much as that makes bile rise in my throat…

A government official wrongly denied an immigrant his Canadian citizenship because he wrongly believed the man was mouthing the oath of citizenship rather than repeating it out loud, Citizenship and Immigration Canada says.

The mix-up took place at a March 29 ceremony, CIC said in a letter to the CBC’s Evan Dyer.

“A citizenship officer at the ceremony determined that the candidate was not articulating the words of the Oath of Citizenship,” said CIC spokeswoman Mary Jago.

“Subsequently, it was found that the officer made a mistake in the determination that the oath was not taken. The office has been attempting to contact the candidate to rectify the situation.”

The man, whom CBC has not identified, was pulled out of line in front of his family while awaiting his citizenship certificate and was told he would not receive it.

CIC said the officer made a mistake and the man was not trying to avoid or alter the oath. They are looking for the man but have yet to find him.

The mistake comes after stricter supervision began around swearing loyalty to Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors.

Since December 2011, CIC has been watching to make sure all new Canadians recite the oath verbatim, which includes asking women to remove their veils.

Polls show a majority of Canadians would like to see the oath changed so new Canadians swear loyalty to Canada rather than Queen Elizabeth. Statistics show only five per cent want the oath to remain the same.

Seriously, Jason? Your Department has nothing better to do but ensure that new citizens say “Queen Elizabeth” aloud? Seriously? I can think of some easy WFA cuts, if that’s the case!

Bring on the Republic of Canada!


Question: my iPhone 3s is tanking more often than not. How sure are we that the iPhone 5 will roll out this summer? If it looks pretty certain, I’ll put up with the glitches for a few more months. If not, off to Rogers to upgrade to a 4s.


Good article by former Grit candidate Daniel Veniez on how Canadians shouldn’t forget about Robogate in the face of the furour around the latest CPC scandal involving the F-35 purchases.

In light of the unprecedented incompetence exposed by the Auditor General on the F-35 procurement scandal, the swirl of parliamentary and media attention surrounding the other simmering scandal of fraudulent robocols has died down somewhat.

But the issue will not go away because a fraud occurred and Canadians must find out what happened. A few weeks ago, the Chief Electoral Officer told a Commons committee that impersonating officials responsible for the integrity of the voting system is an affront to our democracy. Indeed it is. Those that perpetrated this crime must be found.

Despite the lame attempts of Conservative MP’s to shrug off, minimize, or even make the incredulous suggestion that this must be all Elections Canada fault, all signs point to them. The technological tools they use and the black-op tactics they employ are widely established. These underlying behaviors and kill at all costs culture is also perfectly in keeping with how the Harper Conservatives operate.

No Daniel, folks like you and I will ensure that the Cons won’t be allowed to merely sweep these illegal activities under the rug.


Speaking of the damning AG report on those very same fighter jets… how long until we start hearing grunts from the Harperite backbenchers that the AG was influenced by extremist environmental groups funded by the NDP?

I’m guessing next week.


Speaking of next week… many Government departments are going to release the specifics of the program cuts to their staff on Tuesday.

To my friends and colleagues: good luck.


Watched the Jays’ opener last night which they won in 16 innings! If the first game is any sign of things to come, it’s going to be an exciting season! GO JAYS!!!!!


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