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April 5th, 2012:

Lies and deceit…

…. have become the signature of the current Conservative government. And this is a sad thing to say.

Brian Stewart penned a good piece today on how the current government is obsessed with a) never admitting when they have done wrong and b) pretending that something didn’t happen that did in fact “happen” when caught red-handed, and c) blaming someone else when they are completely culpable.

Sadly, Canadians don’t seem to care that 30% of them installed a corrupt regime in Ottawa; one for which lies and misdirection is the company line. Right to the top. These are not the PCs of my younger years. Those Conservatives at least respected my democracy and didn’t hide behind a stenching cloak of deceit in every move they made. Mulroney et al may not have been perfect, but they at least recognized that an open and honest (well, as honest as politics can be) democracy is a good thing.

I can only hope that that blindfolds are removed before irreparable damage is done to our already tarnished democracy.

But I doubt it.