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April, 2012:

Here they come again…

… the “royal” family, that is.

Yup, time for the Harperites to once again waste some mega bucks – $1 million range – to host and fête members of Britain’s most famous inbreds.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore defended the visit Monday in a conference call with reporters, saying the Tories are trying to keep the costs down. “Of the four visits we’ve had, this one will be least expensive for taxpayers.”

He said Canadians should feel honoured to be able to celebrate the “Diamond Jubilee” of a reigning Queen, or the 60th anniversary of the monarch ascending the throne.

The 2009 visit cost of Charles and Camilla cost Canadian taxpayers $1.7-million. A 2010 visit of Queen Elizabeth cost $2.8-million. The 2011 visit by Prince William and Kate cost $1.2-million.

These price tags do not include the security costs that Canadian governments must bear to secure the visit.

The Conservative government is currently chopping $5.2-billion from Ottawa’s budget over several years, a measure which will see at least 12,000 public servants lose their jobs and hundreds of programs trimmed or axed.

Sorry Jimbo… not feeling particularly “honoured”.

And those security costs? On previous visits, security costs were about $1 million.




Friday miscellany…

… no particular theme edition…


A big problem with social media is that it gives idiots, racists, bigots, misogynists, etc., a tool to spew their ignorant venom.

And such was the case the other night after Joel Ward scored in OT to knock the Bruins put of the NHL playoffs.



A successful Wildrose candidate blamed urban Alberta for the PC win the other day.

Bikman said Tuesday: “I think that these social issues that came up during the last week and the PC’s ability to exploit them, caused some concern in the voters within urban areas, at least, because they didn’t really understand the issues, they didn’t really understand that there was an aspect of free speech.”

Bikman also said rural people “possess more common sense, a least that’s my experience.

“The people who make their living off the land really seem to understand the way nature really works.”

Yup, Myrtle, you country-folk have way more sense than those city-folk with all that learnin’ and stuff!



Lots of email phishing going on these days. Even if you know the sender, think twice about clicking on links if something seems not quite right…

I wonder where that phish has gone.
You did love it so. You looked after it like a son.
And it went wherever I did go.
Is it in the cupboard?
Yes! Yes! No!…
Wouldn’t you like to know? It was a lovely little phish.
And it went wherever I did go.
It’s behind the sofa!
Where can that phish be?
It is a most elusive phish!
And it went wherever I did go.
Ooooh, phishy, phishy, phishy phish!
A-phish, a-phish, a-phish, a-phishy, ooooh.
Ooooh, phishy, phishy, phishy phish!
That went wherever I did go.
Out of the WTF is THIS file:

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours after their death, local media is claiming.

The controversial new law is claimed to be part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament.

It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women’s rights of getting education and employment.

I’m at a loss on this one, kids…
And another one from the WTF is THIS files:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was shouted down during a debate in question period Thursday on the Afghanistan mission for suggesting the NDP – not yet in existence – didn’t even support Canada’s military involvement in the Second World War.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was asking Harper if he intended to extend the Afghanistan mission past 2014 after a Postmedia News report Wednesday said U.S officials had asked Canadian special forces to stay past the withdrawal date.

The prime minister responded the NDP has a pacifistic ideology “regardless of circumstances” and his government would make the right decision for Afghanistan’s security.

“In 1939, the NDP leader didn’t even want to support the fight against Hitler,” Harper said, before being drowned out by cat calls.

“CCF, NDP, same difference,” Harper responded curtly.

As my brother pointed out on Facebook:

If memory serves me correctly, the NDP didn’t support Canada’s involvement in WWI, supported a policy of Canadian neutrality in both the War of 1812 AND the Seven Years’ War – what a bunch of granola eating, tree hugging, whale protecting pacifists!

Mr. Harper is in clear need of a remedial history class. What a kook!


Even though I’m not a fan, congrats to the Ottawa Senators for a great season… the future looks brighter for these guys than for mine
Speaking of the Leafs, there are rumours going around that Roberto Luongo has identified the Buds as one of the teams he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause in his (over-inflated) contract to play for. After careful consideration of the pros and cons, I have the following advice for Brian Burke:
I think Reimer needs to be given another chance, plus there are some great young goalies (e.g., Ben Scrivens) that should be developed. The Leafs would have to give up the fifth pick and/or a top prospect like Jake Gardiner.
So, how did my playoff predictions pan out?

1) NYR vs. 8) OTT

Prediction: Rangers in 5.

Reality: Rangers in 7.

1) VAN vs. 8 LA

Prediction: LA in 7

Reality: LA in 5.

2) BOS vs. 7 WSH

Prediction: Bruins in 6.

Reality: Washington in 7.

2) STL vs. 7) SJ

Prediction: Blues in 5.

Reality: Blues in 5.

3) FLA vs. 6) NJ

Prediction: Yawn… Joisey in 5.

Reality: Joisey in 7.

3) PHX vs. 6) CHI

Prediction: Coyotes in 5.

Reality: Coyotes in 6.

4) PIT vs. 5) PHI

Prediction: Pens in 7. maybe.

Reality: Flyers in 7.

4) NSH vs. 5) DET

Prediction: Wings in 6.

Reality: Nashville in 5.

Not bad. 5 outta 8 correct.


Finally – from the news this morning… might Canadians FINALLY be paying attention?

An NDP surge following the party’s leadership convention has put them in a statistical tie with the federal Conservatives, a new poll suggests.

The Nanos Research monthly tracking poll puts the Conservatives at 34.7 per cent and the New Democrats at 32.4 per cent of committed voters, within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Liberals are at 23.3 per cent, according to the poll, the Greens at 4.2 per cent and the Bloc Québécois at 3.9 per cent of committed voters. Almost 19 per cent of voters said they were undecided.

The poll suggests the Conservatives’ popularity slipped one percentage point — well within the margin of error — from a previous poll of 1,203 Canadians conducted in February, while the NDP are up 7.4 percentage points.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s leadership numbers, however, appear to have dropped dramatically. While 31.7 per cent of those polled two months ago said he was most trustworthy party leader, that number fell to 20 per cent in April.

Nanos is reliable. Let’s see if this is the beginning of a wonderful trend as Harper’s “trust” numbers plummet even further!


No one is really surprised, right?

That Harper is opening the door leading down a right-to-choose debate corridor?

If you are, or if you really think that this is an innocent Private Member Motion to simply discuss updating the “when does life begin” law, then you need to give your head a shake.

Of course, the timing of this is to distract Canadians from the F-35, prisons, crime bill, Bev Oda, election fraud, etc. etc. And the motion itself is intended to appease the red meat social cons from the west and in rural Canada.

The end game is to take away or limit right-to-choose rights from women. There is no doubt in my mind.

Harper micromanages and controls all messaging coming out of the CPC. All of it. This PMM did NOT just sneak though. It has the full support of the PM.

Didn’t he say last election “Let me be perfectly clear, we will no reopen the abortion debate”

Asked in French by a reporter whether he is personally for or against a woman’s right to choose abortion, Harper didn’t answer directly.

“Very clearly I am against reopening that debate,” he said. “That is my position, now and in the past five years as well, and as long as I am prime minister, we will not reopen the debate on abortion. We will leave the law as it stands.”

Yup. He sure did.

But of course, campaign promises are a dime a dozen for these guys, eh?


Public service announcement

If you are a high school student in the Alta Vista or Canterbury areas in Ottawa, this might be of interest to you!



The annual scholarship program, started in 1996, was developed to recognize students of the community who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to volunteering in our community.

Three scholarships valued at $1,500 each are awarded to area high school students entering college or university in the fall.

One Mark and Shanty Inman Community Service Scholarship, which is awarded in recognition of Mark and Shanty Inman’s dedication and commitment to the Association and to making life better in the Canterbury Community. In addition two Canterbury Community Association Volunteer Scholarships will be awarded.

The Scholarship Application Forms for the 2012-2013 scholarships are now available in English and French at the Association’s office in the Canterbury Community Centre, in the student services offices at area high schools, and on-line by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Completed applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, May 10, 2012.


A shooter designed for Ottawa!

First off, I can’t take credit for this idea. It came from the truly inspired mind of a colleague. Hats off to him!

Take two parts of this:

And one part of this:

And presto!

Introducing the “Pink Slip” which is sure to become a standard shooter bar item at the best Ottawa bars and clubs as more and more public servants are served notice over the coming months!

And it is truly the ideal drink for the “Impacted” and the “Affected” (1) ; numbs the brain, as alcohol tends to do… but also calms the tummy that has been driven into spasms because of the months of uncertainty.

The “Pink Slip”. Order one today!

1. PS workers under WFA (2) will know these terms.

2. All PS workers should know what “WFA” means by now.


A good thing to throw some dollars at…

Dennis is an old friend of mine. He is asking for support for his son Xander who will be walking 5 km this year in the CN Cycle for CHEO. No amount is too small!! Click here to make a donation. Tax receipts are issued automatically.

Cancer sux.

CHEO is a great hospital.

Need I say more?




…yet simultaneously disgusting.

I hope Albertans are not covered by a similar storm of the narrow-minded insularism, negativism and cynicism exemplified by the Wildrose Party.

And yes, I can make a political statement out of any given context.


As Ned Stark would say…


… winter is coming…


Serves us right…


… I guess, for laughing at the winter weather that the West was getting while we basked in +25 temps a while back.



Update to my last post about the Alberta election…

Yup, some of the biggest wing-nuts can be found the comments sections of the on-line stories.

Check out THIS doozy comment on a CTV News story about a new poll showing that the PCs are creeping back into the race: