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My debate teacher told us that…

ad hominem attacks were cowardly and used only by those of inferior intellect. And I agree.

Yet the CPC doesn’t see it this way. Politics over policy. Attacks over debate. Accusations over cooperation. It’s the Stephen Harper Way.

Daniel Veniez penned a good article in iPolitics about the latest series of cowardly attack ads on Bob Rae.

Mr. Harper has taken Canada down an ugly path of gradual incrementalist polarization, division, cynicism, and subterfuge. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed that such an amoral and unethical character could sit in the chair of the most important office in the land. He does not deserve the respect his office commands. Why? Because this sinister attack is only the latest in a very long string of flagrantly debasing drive-by hits, destructive and cynical policy, and immoral conduct by this small man and his smaller coterie of taxpayer-funded cheap shot artists and assassins.

This criticism is not aimed at the vast majority of Conservative Party members. They are good and decent people. I know they are horrified with how Stephen Harper has perverted the basic values of the old Reform and Progressive Conservative parties.

Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell would never sanction – much less stomach – Stephen Harper’s actions and the ugly politics he personifies.

My favourite quote : “Stephen Harper is the Todd Bertuzzi of Canadian politics.” Good one!

Majority Government. No election in sight for years. And still they practice the politics of cynicism and fear…


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  1. gordon says:

    When you resort to ad hominem attacks it means you’ve already lost the argument because you have no better rebuttal. Negative political ads that say “don’t vote for the other guy” without giving a reason to vote for you are really saying “I can’t come up with a good reason to vote for me”.

    And the Squid is right: The government should not be running them.

  2. Dave says:

    It is true that there is no reason not to attack Bob Rae’s record, or any other but the devolution into personal attacks is a hallmark of Harper and the Cons. Vic Toews, as ignorant as he has been should not have been attacked about his divorce but about his flawed and mean spirited bill. He should have been attacked for introducing a bill he didn’t even know himself. Likewise attacks about what Rae did or did not do in the past as a politician should be fair game but Harper has learned at the feet of the cons in the states and realizes that smearing an opponent is in this day and age a reliable way to gain votes from those too lazy to research the policies of out leaders. It is unfortunate but there will be no end to it till the population refuses to be swayed by the dirt and dregs dug up by any of these”leaders”.

  3. Evolving Squid says:

    My only problem with the ads is that the government is doing them. Bob Rae’s record is worthy of attack, especially if he is trying to garner a party leadership. It is not an ad hominem as long as the argument sticks to his record.

    What is weird is that the other Liberal leadership hopefuls are not bringing this stuff up.

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