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March 19th, 2012:

Apple and Chinese factories – does anyone care?

Here is a very interesting article on working conditions inside Chinese factories where Apple products are assembled.

… but I wonder how many people would actually change their purchasing patterns if they knew about this. People are lazy and only concerned about first world issues, aren’t they?

And, hell, not even first world issues, most of the time. The focus for a lot of people is on the trivial, superficial and non-consequential. It’s about movie stars, pro athletes and what so-and-so was wearing at the Oscars. I hate to be cynical (well, no I don’t really), but doesn’t our pathetic voter turnout tell us that not only do people not give a crap about non-first world stuff, they can’t even bother to care about vital issues that are impacting them directly!

And hey, I’m just as guilty as anyone else – sometimes. Yes, I do talk about local, provincial and federal political issues, and education and the environment. But I also devote a considerable number of bytes to Don Cherry, the weather, sports, and other things that really do not impact our lives or those of our families and friends. I can be pretty damned shallow!

This is what someone posted on FB in response to an anti-Harper status (and it wasn’t mine), but I thought it well-put:

I don’t understand why more people aren’t standing up to these bullies??!! It’s undemocratic what’s going on! People should be taking to the streets! I don’t underst… Yay! My PVR recorded The Good Wife last night! Gotta watch it now! Democracy can wait another day.

‘Nuff said.