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March 18th, 2012:

One progressive party under one banner?

“Nope,” I said. “They’re too goddamn stupid.”

That’s what Warren Kinsella told Bobby Kennedy Jr. when asked if the NDP and Liberals could ever be persuaded to work together.

And he was right.

As long as the progressive vote is split between the two parties in this fine country, Harpo hasn’t a worry in the world! He has his 25-30 point base and can cobble together enough from the fringes to win majority after majority. The 25-30 percent don’t care about robocalls, prorogation, and the politics of fear. They love the Robot leader and nuthin’ gonna change that, boy!

And, unless smart leaders – those who can do basic math, that is – like Nathan Cullen or perhaps Justin Trudeau are elected as leaders, we’ll see Harper blue for some time to come. So, unless the improbable happens and Cullen is elected the new Dipper boss tomorrow, who leads Layton’s party is irrelevant.


I’m a Liberal, but not an “engaged” one… I’m the kind that frustrates riding organisations to no end. I pay my membership fee and vote for the local candidate. But I don’t donate to the party, nor do I volunteer at election time. Show me that you can do Grade 3 math and I’ll be there. With a smile and my chequebook.

And you’ll have lots of blue team progressives coming into the tent too. The old school PCs don’t have a home. Give them one.

Is anyone listening?