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Legitimizing myths and superstitions…

…And I have a Loblaws bag with the remains of a Leprechaun contained therein. Really! I do!

An Israeli antiquities dealer has been acquitted of forging relics, including the contentious James ossuary — the casket said to have held the remains of the brother of Jesus.

A judge acquitted Oded Golan of the most serious fraud charges in Jerusalem on Wednesday, saying the prosecution had failed to prove without a reasonable doubt that the artifacts in question were forged or that Golan (or an accomplice) was behind it.

A comment on the story that is linked in the text below.

Dateline somewhere near London Bridge… Remains of Little Pig’s Brick House have been identified among the ruins of the London Blitz. Historians agree that the masonry was not entirely wolf-proof, but, given the shreds of fur still clinging to the chimney, the house was deemed authentic and solidifies the Brick House in the history of London Suburban life. Grimms experts have weighed in, pulling beards and insisting that there can no longer be any doubt about the existence of the Three Littles and the B.B. Wolf. Grimmsiologists maintain that this ends all dispute about the veracity of their collected wisdom.

Good Grief.

People. Really.


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  1. A wild Zeus appears in court:
    “Look, that ossuary is obvious bullshit. I’m fucking Zeus and I know. You know the story about Mary riding to Bethlehem on an ass? I turned myself into the donkey… what do you think she was riding on the ass? That’s how I roll, read up on the stories the Greeks left behind. Chicks always went for the “turn into an animal and get jiggy” thing. You can probably pick up the stories at a discount in Athens now because they need the cash.

    If that ossuary was real, they’d put a family name on it wouldn’t they? How many fucking Jesuses, James, and Joesephs do you think there were in Israel? When you dimbulbs die, do you put ‘Fred’ on the stone or a family name? These are Jews we’re talking about… they wrote shit to last. They were ruled by Romans. Romans wrote shit to last too. You ever notice that there are no Roman judiciary records about Jesus? Just sayin'”

    Christian-biased courts would still say “we don’t believe in you Zeus” and would leave the idea open that it could be a real holy relic for the bronze-age superstition.

    1. trashee says:

      Love it!!! I can see the screenplay!

  2. Dave says:

    I fully believe i the James ossuary cause that’s pretty much how every carpenters family handled their loved ones remains, cost be damned they would preserve for all time the remains of family. The middle east is just piled up hip deep in th saved remains of all sorts of nobodies wishing to emulate the great and powerful.
    Now the story about that slut Mary and the holy ghost thing, well only a schmuck like Joe the carpenter would fall for that.

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