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March 9th, 2012:

Friday miscellany…

O M G! The SKY is falling edition…

Literally. The sky. Falling. Yup. The sun burps and we all freak out. Oh no! The GPS on my iPhone might lose some of its precision!!!!

Anyhow, the solar “storm” seems to have had little impact and we can all carry on with our lives.


You know what was the funniest thing about this? The reaction in the social media. The Twitterverse was full of quotes from the bible claiming that these were the end of days, while others were taking a lighter look at things:

RT @Unnamedinsider: After the nuclear disaster in Japan failed to produce any superheroes, I’m hoping this #SolarStorm could be my chance!!




Unless you have been living under a digital rock for the past week, you have seen the Kony video put out by the Invisible Children campaign. Went viral, it did. And it sure tugged at the heartstrings. Movies like Blood Diamond showed the viciousness of the Lord’s Resistance Army and got some global attention.

But there are two things that bugged me a little about this campaign:

  1. The Lord’s Resistance is a group in retreat. It isn’t really that big a deal any more. After being relentlessly hunted by the armies of several nations, it is a shadow of it’s former self. So where was this video 15 years ago? Oh yeah, YouTube wasn’t around yet.
  2. The blatant appeal for money to buy a Kony “kit” immediately threw up a field of red flags for me. Seriously?
  3. Plus, it seems as though the organization behind the campaign may be concerned more about lining its own pockets than finding and capturing Kony.

I’m undecided on this one. Horrific things have happened in that part of the world thanks to Kony, true. But asking for money for a campaign that might already be moot is a bit suspicious.


What is it with aggressive drivers this week? Two days in a row now I have almost been clipped by cars roaring through the crosswalk (with flashing lights!) in front of my building at Tunney’s Pasture! It’s a CROSSWALK PEOPLE!

For the record, the one who missed me by about 8 inches or so at about 12:45 today had a custom plate # 10 08 88, and was a red Ford coupe. If you know this guy, please tell them that a certain bald guy wants to pull his liver out through his nose!


Call-bot. It’s coming for you!


Figgers Harper would take Ford’s side on the subway versus LRT issue in T.O. He is consistent – I’ll give that to him.

“I prefer when I want to use public transit to go underground, unimpeded … and when I want to use my car I prefer not to be running in to LRTs and streetcars,” Mr. Harper said after a ground-breaking ceremony for a pedestrian tunnel connecting Toronto’s island airport to the mainland.

Naw, the Feds aren’t getting involved in local issues… naawwww… not THIS government!


I would like to take the dude who came up with the idea of gifts at Easter (which personally don’t even recognise as a holiday), and introduce him to the woodshed!

Great! Another excuse to spend money on our kids to show them how much we love them.

This is about a crackpot idea as giving out loot bags to kid’s party guests party guests! WHO was the GENIUS who thought of  THAT???


The Grapefruit League has begun!

Go Jays Go!!!!



Jason Kenney rises in the House…

… to screech that fraudulent calls were the result of a massive solar storm.

Possibly caused by Stephen Dion. Or Taliban Bob.

Solar system frauds. A proud legacy of the Conservative Party of Canada.