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The robocall blame falls at the feet of Elections Canada?


What has this guy been smoking?

“I suspect that at the end of the day, if Elections Canada has the resources to do a proper investigation, they’ll find they’re themselves significantly responsible, that tech issues with marrying EC lists to available, electronic phone lists is part of the problem, and in a few instances there may have been malfeasance by one (political) party or the other,” wrote Vellacott.

Of course, this wacko has spoken without thinking before:

From May 2006:

Vellacott created a firestorm last weekend when he accused McLachlin of saying that when judges “step into [a judicial activist] role, all of a sudden there’s some mystical kind of power that comes over them by which everything they ever decreed is not to be questioned and they actually have these discerning and almost prophetic abilities to be able to come and know the mind of the public and they take on almost godlike powers.”

From 2005:

After Prime Minister Paul Martin announced Tuesday that Stronach was switching parties and joining his cabinet, veteran Ontario Conservative Bob Runciman called her “a dipstick – an attractive one, but still a dipstick.”

Saskatchewan Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott said “people prostitute themselves for different costs or different prices.”

Alberta Conservative Tony Abbott jumped into the debate by saying Stronach had “whored herself out for power.” On Wednesday, Abbott said he regretted his comments.


In an embarrassing turn, Saskatoon MP Maurice Vellacott publicly apologized Monday for telling New Democrat Peter Stoffer’s constituents their MP supported the long gun registry. He has been an unwavering opponent of the registry. Mr. Vellacott’s disclosure that the material was the party’s responsibility reveals that MPs names merely front party campaigns.

Yup. He’s a nutbar, alright.


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  1. gordon says:

    So, basically he’s almost suggesting Elections Canada may not have the necessary resources do to a proper investigation. Someone should stand up in the House of Commons and ask the government to ensure the
    EC receives the necessary resources if they’re lacking. And also ask why they don’t have the necessary resources.

  2. Dave says:

    In all fairness to Vellacott being a nutbar is no longer a disqualifying problem for our politicians. In fact it seems more and more it might actually be a necessary trait. Especially in a party where no one gets to decide anything outside the PMO.

    1. I come from BC, where being a crook isn’t a barrier to political office either. Hence, I have some difficulty with people getting all up in arms about criminal politicians.

      Give or take a few, I find they’re all at least amoral, if not criminal. Some just haven’t been called on it/caught yet.

  3. Zorpheous says:

    Don’t you know, Election Canada is Rack-9’s biggest customer 😉

  4. In all fairness, the commentary around Stronach is pretty accurate, and would be whether it was Barbara or Bernard.

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