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March 4th, 2012:



And go ahead and Google “Santorum”.

But don’t do it if you’re eating.



Harper is reading the paper this morning…

… and thinks: hmmmm,… “carousel voting”… hmmm…

Laureen! Get me Vlad on the phone!


I think as much of Don Cherry…

…as I do morons like Pierre Polievre, Vic Toews and Dean Del Mastro… but his rant on Brian Burke (GM of the Leafs for those of you not-so-enlightened) was dead on the mark.

Leaf Nation has for a while bemoaned the lack of Canadian content on the team, and more specifically, Ontario talent. Now, I’m not going anti-American or anything, but it is quite strange that there is not one player on Canada’s team who is from Ontario!

Boy, if the Habs didn’t have a single Québécois on the squad, they would be separatists marching up and down St. Catherine Street demanding blood!

Man! It physically HURTS to agree with the buffoon!

But hey! The Buds beat the Habs last night and the Gunners downed Liverpool… so this weekend has been pretty fine thus far!