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The utter hypocrisy of…


… conservative supporters of corporate welfare astounds me sometimes! And what astounds me even more is that regular middle-class Joes and Joettes side with the zillionaires!



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  1. I don’t buy that there’s an irrecoverable amount of trickle-down business from a sports team. That’s one of the primary arguments for keeping them, but I don’t see it.

    Does anyone *REALLY* go out to that car dealership because it’s beside the arena? Seriously? Are people really that sheep-like?

    If a $15 million tax break is all the Sens need to stay, here’s a solution:

    There are, IIRC, 30 players on the team, getting paid about $50 million, plus the managers, coaches and hangers on. Take total salary of everyone involved, and pro-rate the $15 million as a salary cut.

    In one shot that will save the team, save the tax payers, and shouldn’t significantly impact the lifestyle of any of the obscenely rich people who form the Ottawa Senators players and primary staff.

    While we’re at it, the MPPs can cut their salaries by 2% each as a show of good faith. That will put an extra quarter million in the pot.

    I think some corporate welfare is worth it… supporting small business, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation, etc. But supporting a bunch of millionaires and their hangers-on so they can play a kid’s game and charge people hundreds of dollars for the privilege of watching really rubs me the wrong way.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve never bought into this, “pay us or we’ll move” crap from pro teams. If they aren’t profitable close them up. If, like the Leafs they can practically print money, then pay for your facilities like any other business.
    For the money spent on a pro arena or stadium a hospital or schools could be built and they would a/, really help the community and b/, really provide thousands of on going jobs.

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