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Friday miscellany…

… in like a lion edition…

I have, so far, stayed away from saying a lot about the ongoing car accident going by the name of Robo-gate, phonescam, etc. Final determinations of blame and guilt have yet to happen. Here is what we do know.

  • Something did happen in Guelph. The RCMP and Elections Canada are formally investigating and they would not be doing so without cause.
  • It is known that at least one CPC operative was behind the misdirecting calls.
  • What is not known is from what level of the organisation did the command to carry out the fraudulent calls.
  • Misdirecting and annoying or rude calls also occurred in dozens of other ridings. The overwhelming majority of these ridings were CPC / Grit contests.
  • The contention by the CPC that the Liberals made these calls themselves is beyond ludicrous.

My conclusion this far is that something fishy and likely illegal went down last spring. And in at least one case the CPC is culpable at some level of the organisation. As for the other cases, this will unfold as it will… too soon to make a judgment.


Elections Canada has been deluged by 31,000 complaints in relation to last year’s ballot, focused mainly on robo-calls and other harassing phone calls.

The non-partisan agency received 500 complaints in relation to the previous election in 2008, and 329 in relation to the 2006 ballot.

The explosion in complaints is related in large part to widespread media coverage of alleged fraudulent robo-calls in the Ontario riding of Guelph, as well as other alleged irregularities in dozens of other ridings.

Wow. 31,000.

What the CPC should be very concerned about is that IF there was knowledge of or overt support for these acts and IF foot soldiers are tagged by the Mounties or Elections Canada, then they may make a deal to avoid lengthy jail time. And names will be named.

In the meantime, this makes for fun times for those of us who would like to see King Harper dethroned.

And don’t preach to me all holier-than-thou-like that I and other progressives shouldn’t make political hay out of this! Think back to feeding frenzy at the beginning of the sponsorship scandal, my conservative friends…


OC Transpo? Tell me something. What are there far fewer buses stopping at Hurdman on Friday mornings? And why do some buses, like the 94 (bus number 6492) I just saw, pull up to either far end of the platform, unload, and get away ASAP even though you see customers running up to your doors? Hmm?


Lego profits are going through a block-constructed roof? Really? This is so old school, one might find it hard to believe this market is growing. But a cursory scan of the net shows a HUGE following out there. Go figger.


Hey! Davey Jones! My Monkees lunchbox was always my fave! Just so ya know.


So Sears is closing their store in the Rideau Centre! Wow! This will apparently open the way for something called Nordstrom  – whatever that is…




Finally – Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

My Mom subscribed to a kid’s book club pretty much since I was born and well into the ’70’s where a new hardcover Dr. Suess or Berenstain Bears books was delivered once every month or so. I can clearly remember my brother and I excitingly crossing the highway to our mailbox to see if the new, cardboard encased, book had arrived!

My fave? Green Eggs and Ham. Hands down,

And these books are still around after having survived me and my three siblings plus my kids and those of my brothers…



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  1. While I totally agree that the opposition should be pinning the government on the robocall thing, and it should be pursued with the same vigour that AdScam ™ was pursued, it is important to remind all the members of the house that none of the major parties’ closets are without skeletons… Nobody should be claiming the holier-than-thou position.

    They should, however, pursue the truth in this matter and punish the guilty.

  2. Dave says:

    Just like with Nixon decades ago you can pretty much be sure that this sort of thing got the OK from well up the organization chart. Whether they will be able to prove any of it is another question entirely. Most pols now know enough not to tape record any illegal activities they are suggesting. I love the way the media refer to this as dirty “tricks”. This is not a trick this is a crime against the basis of our governmental legitimacy and should be treated as such.

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